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Broadcaster Magazine - CBC Television - Celebrating fifty years


History: Recording Canada
It's always been about Canadians. From the Boyd Gang to the Montreal Mafia to SCTV to This Hour (both of them), the CBC has recorded Canadian history.

Programming: Programming CBC television
Returning to the roots of public broadcasting, the CBC is determined to be different from anything else on the dial

View From the Top: Value Equation
Love it or hate it. Once the judgement parameters are figured out, CBC provides the best value for money in Canadian television

Technology: Virtual Spikes
Microwave towers linking the country together was but one piece of CBC's pioneering technology

News - 01-SEP-02

History:Where We've Been
TV, led by the CBC in Canada, quickly became the epicentre of culture and news

News: News on the CBC
Doing more with less

Future: Where we're going
Of Martin Luther, Homer-Dixon, Captain Cook and the future of the CBC

Sports: Sports' Import
The amateur sports production and coverage is the backbone of our department, says Nancy Lee of her division

SRC: The CBC, en Fran├žais. Vive le difference
While English network has made a concerted effort to ratchet up its Cancon, the French side has always been focused on home grown content. That's the way it has always been in Quebec.




Mom knows best
"All the important stuff is on CBC."