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Broadcaster Magazine - December 2021



Industry News

Radio's Strength Boosted by Digital latforms and Online Interactivity
Radio - one of the oldest media platforms - may well be best suited to take advantage of the new media technologies available.

Ryerson RTA Takes On Broadcast Research as Final Project

TV Producers See Weight Loss as Big Gain
A seemingly growing trend in weight loss television is bringing gains to independent Canadian producers.

Newly-Independent CHEK-TV Delivers the News With OmniBus Systems iTX

3D HNIC a 'Science Experiment' As CBC and Partners Work on Canadian Broadcast First
That iconic thumbs-up salute will never look the same!

World Premiere for 3D Special on Discovery World HD
The last day of the dinosaurs may represent the first day of a new multi-platform immersive television environment.

Watch the PM in New Dimension, says Shaftesbury Films and Citytv

NewTek TriCaster Drives Excellence in Education

Broadcasters Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

New Products & Services

Mic Cable Wiring 101: Connecting the Ground Lug - or Not?

JVC Intros 3D-Enabled D-ILA Projectors

Stereoscopic 3D Single Card Media Player from Miranda

Sencore Delivers 3D-Ready Video and Signal Delivery Products

Element Technica's New 3D Rigs

Alberta Legislature Control Broadcast Coverage with Vinten, Applied

SDI & Sony to Create Next Phase 3D Subtitling Placement Solution

Kona 3 Goes 3D

3Dfusion Says Glasses Aren't Necessary

New Switching Technology from Utah Scientific

DSC Labs' Chart Gives 3D Perspective

Singular Software PluralEyes Adds Support for Top NLEs

GFCam Tapeless HD ENG Camcorder

DVEO Intros Multi Channel, 8VSB or QAM Demodulator with Dual DVB-ASI Outputs

FXFactory, Dashwood Cinema Tackles 3D Stereoscopic