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Nielsen appoints new vp of sales

Cover Story: All eyes are on Canada's DTV rollout

Delivering DTV: CDTV demonstrates DTV delivery

Copyright Reform: Broadcasters and musical reproduction rights

iTV Content: Making DTV interactive
A new Ontario consortium is testing ways to bring iTV home

Video Server Technology: Sharing media with media area networks
Broadcasters re-purposing their high-value content over a variety of distribution media require the greatest possible efficiency and limitless access to media access within their facilities. These environments support applications where distributed, networked servers are best suited - and others where a work group approach using shared storage is more appropriate.While there are many implementations of storage area networks, there are few that can rise to the challenges posed by the demanding world of broadcasting - one that requires guaranteed isochronous data delivery across multiple channels and the ability to shuttle and jog on any channel, at any time, without impacting on-air reliability. User requirements demand file access from standard operating system calls allowing the storage array to serve any NT application, as well as robust play to air capability and a fault tolerant architecture. Such systems must operate with mixed compression formats and at varying data rates storing all within the same array. In addition, simply working in a shared storage environment does not guarantee interoperability. When different applications are involved in content creation, there must also be a solution to interoperability at the application layer that allows applications to search each other's metadata databases to locate content.This article explores a universal, Microsoft Windows NT-based infrastructure that promises to overcome the shortfalls of today's shared storage solutions. This technology, known as Media Area Networks, or MAN, will provide broadcasters an extremely flexible environment for attaching devices to their media SANs. MAN leapfrogs current shared storage technologies to enable seamless integration of third-party applications, reduce disk storage requirements, provide centralized asset management - all while delivering real-time quality of service for on-air playout and record.


AES Update

"Guess Who" came to dinner

CAB Guest Column

The future is sound with DAB

DAB Developments

News (January 01, 2021)
As part of Broadcaster's ongoing commitment to covering the latest industry developments, David Bray of Hennessy & Bray Communications will deliver monthly updates on the world of digital broadcasting. Feel free to forward your thoughts/inquiries.

New Products

Products (January 01, 2021)

News Briefs

CHUM to take TV programs wireless (January 01, 2021)

CRTC approves CHUM/Standard station swap (January 01, 2021)

Family Channel appoints new ad agency

CBC techs ratify deal (January 01, 2021)

Nielsen appoints new vp of sales

Alliance Atlantis buys CTV's portion of History Television (January 01, 2021)

"Do you promise to love, honour, and tune in...?"
Wedding bells ring out at Speakers Corner

TV portals will provide gateway to iTV, says study (January 01, 2021)

Moffat family donates $100 million to charity (January 01, 2021)

New bill to protect digital copyright (January 01, 2021)

Point of View

So who wants to be an HDTV market force?

DTV News

U.S. DTV station providing high speed Net service (January 01, 2021)

BBC's 'The Blue Planet' goes high definition

Coming Events (January 01, 2021)

2021 to be a "breakthrough" year for DTV -- Zenith

Tracking Trends

Resisting tunnel vision key to brighter future


Buying space