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Groupe V Media Favours CBC Proposals, But Questions Cost

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  • Groupe V Media has reviewed and welcomes the proposals put forth by CBC/Radio-Canada regarding its funding review and the elimination of advertising on its platforms (television, radio and web).

    In the context of creating value for the brands, the withdrawal of CBC/Radio-Canada from the advertising market would have the effect of increasing the amount of advertising dollars available to private broadcasters. It will also provide the leeway needed to invest massively in original productions thereby presenting viewers with higher quality programming. In short, this would be an excellent opportunity to restore balance in a market that has already been significantly weakened by fierce competition from global giants.

    However, Groupe V Media believes that this major shift can and must be undertaken at a lower cost. “We support the proposal by the CBC/Radio-Canada to withdraw from the advertising market. However, it seems to us to be greatly exaggerated that the CBC/Radio-Canada, with advertising revenues of $253 million, is asking Canadian taxpayers for $400 million per year to cope with the disruptions from both consumers and technology and to make up for the minutes that must be filled in their schedule. In our mind, the sums they are requesting are unreasonable. By moving ahead creatively and being bold, it would be entirely possible to revise the model without having to inject as much money”, explains Maxime Rémillard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe V Media.

    Groupe V Media trusts Canadian Heritage to make the best decisions to enable private broadcasters to also prosper in this new configuration of the media landscape.