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Global News Toronto Announces New Anchor Line-up

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  • Global News Toronto is changing the face of its newscasts, announcing today a  new line-up of seasoned journalists. The changes will start rolling out with The Morning Show beginning, Tuesday, May 19 and will be phased in throughout the summer.

    Joining Global News from CP24 is Farah Nasser, a savvy and accomplished journalist who will partner with Alan Carter, Global’s long-time political reporter and Host of Focus Ontario to lead Global News at 5:30 & 6, providing context to the issues and events that affect our viewers. Alan’s energy and creative storytelling combined with Farah’s extensive media experience in Toronto will redefine Global’s newscasts as we move to a new format where state of the art virtual sets and 3-D graphics bring information alive, discussions go beyond sound bites, and reporters dig deeper into the headlines to find out what they mean to Canadians.

    The Morning Show’s Liza Fromer will continue to lead Canada’s conversation from 6-9:30 a.m. She will be joined by the strong, new voice of Jeff McArthur who in addition to anchoring The Morning Show, will continue to host his daily talk show on Toronto’s Talk Radio AM640. Global veteran Carolyn MacKenzie will move to mornings as the local Toronto host of The Morning Show. Rosey Edeh will continue to anchor Global News at Noon and will contribute to Global News at 5:30 & 6.

    With the station’s dedication to providing viewers with the most insightful and informative news programming around the clock, Global News at 11 will revitalize its late night newscast with anchors Crystal Goomansingh and Antony Robart. Kris Reyes will become the new anchor of Global News at 6 & 11 on weekends and will also be a regular contributor to the weekday newscasts, taking a deeper dive into cultural and social issues.

    “We’re thrilled to welcome strong new talent to our winning team of committed journalists,” said Ward Smith, Director, Eastern Canada & Global Toronto Station Manager. “Our entire anchor team has a passion for reporting the news, ensuring that business, political and community leaders are held accountable for the great responsibilities with which they are entrusted and that we cover the stories, events and communities that matter most to our viewers in the GTA and Southern Ontario.”

    All of these anchors will continue to be joined on set and in the field by Toronto’s best journalists, commentators, weather, and sports anchors.

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    5 Comments » for Global News Toronto Announces New Anchor Line-up
    1. greta merrill says:

      you know what I will be changing to watch city tv because they don’t drop people just because their contract is up. how could you do that to Liza she is very good at her job and for you to just drop her is very cruel.
      It was difficult when christine , rosy and antony were moved but to get rid of Liza is a mistake on your end. Good-bye

    2. M. Fernlund says:

      I think you all made a huge mistake not renewing Liza Fromer’s contract. I won.t be watching anymore. The people you have on now are not very good and it.s obvious to me as well as other people I talk to . Good luck with ratings , whoever had the big idea to let Liza go .

    3. Gloria says:

      I will not be watching The Morning Show since Lisa has been removed I don’t like the new presenter, Lisa gave it life , with her bubbly personality,

    4. Danette Anthony says:

      I miss seeing Liza as well as Rosey on the morning show…you’ve made a big mistake…discounting these women…I appreciated the perspectives they brought to Global’s morning show as well as the warmth as presenters….they will be missed…you’ve made a big mistake, Global…

    5. Noretta Martin says:

      I am delighted that Liza is gone. Her teenager hair and clothes really annoyed me. Carolyn is more professional looking and acting. Liam is adorable – so fresh and crisp. Please leave him on and I also really like Jeff. I used to turn the channel every time Liza was on. Good on you!

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