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Broadcaster Magazine - February 2021


Citytv's HD Transition
A Learning Process Everywhere: From CFO to Security Guard

High Fidelity HD
Talks the Talk, Walks the Walks

Radio Waves
More Satellite Listeners, More International Content at XM, SIRIUS


Book Review

This Business of Television
Third Edition Addresses New Technologies, Business Models

New Products

Panasonic Goes Big - and Small - with HD

New Microphones Support Wide Range of Applications

News Briefs


Canadian Achievers

Allan Slaight
The Nine Lives of Allan Slaight

The View From Here

Crisis or Crunch? HDTV in Canada
A year ago, in remarks made at the Canadian Digital Broadcasting Summit, Michael McEwan spoke of Canada being on "the cusp of a crisis" in so far as the adoption and integration of digital and high definition television signals was concerned.