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Jeff Fillion Comes to XM Canada

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  • Bad boy radio host Jeff Fillion announced this morning in Québec a five-year exclusive agreement with XM Canada. The morning program hosted by “The Pirate of the Airwaves” will air on XM Satellite Radio service’s French channel.

    For Jeff Fillion, this means an opportunity to expand his morning show audience to include XM Satellite Radio service subscribers beginning September 4, 2024. Since March of last year, Jeff Fillion has been off FM airwaves and has subsequently launched his own website, making his daily morning show available to some 7,500 subscribers. His exclusive daily XM show will also include a portion of his webcasts.

    “As with Radio Pirate, I have every intention of producing a quality show designed to inform, entertain and make people laugh,” explained Jeff Fillion. “The agreement with XM Canada represents a unique opportunity to reach a broader audience. However, I have also chosen to work from my studio in Québec, in close proximity to the listeners who have supported me through thick and thin, and who have enabled me to continue to work in radio.”