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Erin Davis Returns to CHFI-FM

Erin Davis will be returning home to CHFI-FM, back to the friends she made in her 15 years spent hosting that station’s morning show. Most recently she had been co-hosting the morning show with Mike Cooper on EZRock 97.3. There (in the M-Fr. 6a-10a slot) she helped the station post a 12.4% share of hrs. tuned for Women 25-54 and a 7.6% share for A12+ (BBM Fall 2022). Erin signed off of EZRock for the last time this morning. She and Cooper will be joining forces in the jump to competitor CHFI.

In September of last year, EZRock delighted radio fans when they picked up Davis to join Cooper while Christine took maternity leave. It was a perfect fit. Which made the latest move all the more stunning. Davis had no long term deal in place which left the way open for CHFI-FM to re-hire her. Oddly enough, she didn’t have a no-compete clause with EZRock. Cooper’s 6 month no-compete clause will keep him off the competitor for that length of time. Look for Erin to go on air later this summer┬┐.and stay there for the foreseeable future. Word is this a long-term deal for both Cooper and Davis, a relative rarity in radio.

In spite of corporate consolidation and networking, radio continues to be about community and human contact. The medium continues to touch people in a very personal way on a day to day basis. Erin has never forgotten the fact that she is a small but important part of listener’s lives, waking them up and cushioning their drive to work. In the past, she has enthusiastically described her ongoing goal of giving listeners "something they can relate to", something more than just "chatter". Think of it as a comfortable conversation between friends. Well, once again she has just given them something new to talk about. Welcome home Erin.