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Stingray Unveils New Look and Website

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  • Stingray today rolled out a new look, campaign and website for the Stingray Music brand. The fashionable and resolutely contemporary design celebrates every listener’s unique musical tastes while showcasing the wide variety of music styles available free through Stingray Music on TV, mobile and the web.

    As Stingray Music’s subscriber base grows and gets younger – in 2024, the proportion of listeners aged 18-34 reached 36% – the overall branding was rethought to resonate with a new audience.

    “We are excited to introduce a refreshed look and feel for Stingray Music,” said Mathieu Péloquin, Senior Vice-President, Marketing and Communications of Stingray. “Given the growing popularity of the Stingray Music service we felt it was high time to redesign and modernize one of our flagship brands. But, not everything has changed! The design may be different, but our commitment to the highest-quality curated content stays the same!”

    When casting models for the campaign, Stingray looked no further than its own head office! Striking black-and-white portraits of Stingray employees put a human face on the music genres offered by Stingray Music including hip-hop, jazz, indie and Latin music. Graffiti-style backgrounds, created using carefully selected keywords and icons, heighten the design’s modern and urban edge.  Stingray Music’s black, white and blue colour palette is easily adapted to markets, events and genres through the addition of vibrantly coloured graphic elements. Keywords and icons can also be modified to suit specific messages.

     “We developed Stingray Music’s new look with clear objectives in mind: reinvigorate the brand identity and connect with new and existing listeners in an intimate and personal way,” said Patrick De Varennes, Art Director of Stingray. “The challenges – which our creative team met with flying colours – were renewing the brand universe, building on existing equity and showcasing the core product offering: high-quality, curated music content in over 100 genres. I am thrilled with the result: a youthful, energetic and adaptable design that translates across all platforms and media, and will speak to audiences around the world.”  The flexible design concept allows for customization; a must for a multiplatform product available in 152 countries.

    Music fans can now navigate the revamped Stingray Music website. All content – from product images to news and special offers – is geotargeted to offer visitors a custom online experience. The responsive design allows for seamless browsing across all devices. In addition to information about Stingray Music services, the site also provides access to the channel listings and the new online music player.

    Stingray Music’s new look was created entirely in-house by Stingray’s marketing and creative service teams.