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Ipsos Survey Says CBC #1 Media Brand in Canada

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  • An Ipsos survey released earlier this year revealed CBC’s influence has grown over the past year –  moving up two spots to 11th spot on the list – making CBC the second Canadian brand after Tim Hortons.

    The Most Influential Brands Study examines five key dimensions that define and determine the most influential brands in Canada, including Corporate Citizenship, Engagement, Leading Edge, Presence, and Trustworthiness. Gen X and Millennials are the key groups where influence grew the most, to which we can attribute overall increase.  Its influence grew among key groups including Millenials (from #32 to #28), GenX (from #23 to #13) and Boomers (from #6 to #5). Overall, CBC was almost twice as influential compared to the average brand, scoring at 198 versus 100 as the average in the index.

    Radio-Canada has been seen as an increasing influential brand as well as it was ranked the 8th most influential brand in Quebec, moving up from #9 in 2024. The survey showed that similar to CBC, Radio-Canada also excels in trust and corporate citizenship.

    “As the #1 most influential media brand in Canada, CBC/Radio Canada strives to make relevant connections with Canadians everywhere, every moment of everyday,“ says Jean Mongeau, General Manager & Chief Revenue Officer for Media Solutions, CBC/Radio-Canada. “CBC/Radio-Canada engages Canadians via broadcast, radio, digital, social and in their communities from coast to coast to coast.”