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CRTC Enlists Telcos to Help Block Unsolicited Calls

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  • The CRTC says telephone companies must help block unsolicited and illegitimate calls to their customers.

    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has given telecommunications providers 90 days to develop technical solutions to block these nuisance calls.  The solutions will be subject to approval by the CRTC.

    The regulator is also encouraging the companies to offer call management features to help their customers filter unwanted calls.
    They have 180 days to report back on the features they offer or will offer.

    The CRTC says it will issue a decision, in the near future, on how to deal with caller ID spoofing– when telemarketers display fictitious phone numbers to hide or misrepresent their identity.

    Canadians can already register their phone number with the National Do Not Call List to help reduce the amount of telemarketing calls they receive.

    The CRTC is prepared to take further action if telecommunications service providers do not take sufficient measures to protect Canadians against unwanted calls.

    • The CRTC has clarified that there are no legal or regulatory barriers prohibiting service providers from offering filtering services to Canadians.
    • Filtering services screen calls on behalf of Canadians who subscribe to them, similar to email filters.
    • Telecommunications service providers have been tasked with developing technical solutions to block unwanted calls through the CRTC Interconnection Steering Committee (an industry-led working group).
    • In 2023, the CRTC initiated a consultation to better understand the solutions that are currently offered to help Canadians manage unsolicited telecommunications and illegitimate calls.
    • Caller ID spoofing occurs when telemarketers hide or misrepresent their identity by displaying fictitious phone numbers when making calls.
    • The CRTC continues to work with its domestic and international partners to address global threats related to unsolicited and illegitimate telemarketing calls.