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Corus Launches ‘History Vault’ on Apple Devices

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  • Corus Entertainment announced today the official launch of History Vault, History’s direct-to-consumer subscription video on demand service. Now available in Canada on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. History Vault features hundreds of hours of content within the History library, including series, documentaries, and specials, without commercial interruptions.

    History Vault is designed for information junkies, history lovers, and History fans, and offers a broad array of curated collections to satisfy their curiosity with entertaining streaming content. Featured spotlight collections focus on timely or contextual topics, with new content added weekly. From ancient civilizations to the World Wars, fans can explore history’s greatest stories with a free, seven day trial now to access hundreds of hours of video about the world’s most fascinating historical subjects. History Vault will also roll out on Android in the coming months.

    History Vault features programming and curated collections such as:


    • The American Civil War: Brother vs. Brother including Lee and Grant, a two-hour special examining the military strategies of the iconic generals who changed the course of the war and the award-winning cinematic special, Gettysburg, which strips away the romanticized veneer of the Civil War to tell the story of the soldiers on the ground during the war’s most pivotal engagement.
    • From The Russian Navy warships and submarines to the naval technological advances featured in Impossible Naval Engineering, the Battles of the Deep is sure to appease naval historians looking for the best in water warfare.
    • The Dogfights & Airwar highlights the best in air-to-air combat, including stories from WWII’s 8th Air Force in The Air War and the flying maneuvers of the Luftwaffe, Flying Tigers and MiGs featured in Dogfights the series.
    • From China’s first emperor to Hannibal and Julius Caesar, the Legendary Leaders features the ancient rulers, military leaders and politicians who shaped the world before us.
    • The WWII: The World in Crisis unveils the story behind the most widespread and deadliest war in history, including hours of rare, archival footage in WWII in HD, a look at the strategies behind the German/Soviet Battle of Stalingrad and first-hand accounts of the legendary Tuskegee Airmen and their fight in the skies.
    • Whether you want to refresh your POTUS history with The Ultimate Guide to the Presidents or get the real story behind The President’s Book of Secrets, the Inside the Presidency covers everything you need to know about the commander in chief.
    • From Cheeseburgers and Fries and Hotdogs and Beer to the foods that make up your Breakfast and Lunch Box, the Food Tech dishes up the history of your favourite meals.
    • The Bible 101 brings the bible to life. Historic locations and structures are revealed in Jesus’s Jerusalem and discover works that have been Banned from the Bible.
    • Uncover the mysterious rites surrounding the Knights Templar and go deep inside the Barbarians’ Lair as we explore the Secrets of the Dark Ages.
    • Mother Nature takes the centre stage in the Nature’s Fury as we explore the power behind catastrophic waves in Tsunami and the possible destruction of an earthquake at the San Andreas Fault.
    • From the gold rush to the real Wyatt Earp, explore the motivations, innovations and deadly gunslingers of American’s western frontier in the Wild About the West.
    • Find out How the States Got Their Shapes and explore the Weird U.S. in the America: Coast to Coast.


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