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Corus to Launch Programmatic Television Advertising Capabilities

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  • Corus has announced an exclusive partnership with Visible World, a Comcast Platform Services company, to define and develop an innovative programmatic TV ad solution customized for the Canadian marketplace. Through this partnership, Corus will be the first Canadian broadcaster to commit to bringing programmatic TV advertising capabilities to linear television, providing a unique, data-driven TV ad product aimed at reaching advertisers’ customers more effectively and efficiently.

    The latest addition to Corus’ Next Generation Advertising portfolio, programmatic-for-television will provide advertising partners with advanced tools to achieve a more robust return on investment for their television buys. This comprehensive system will allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns, and provide greater flexibility and control over planning, execution, and reporting.

    “Through our Next Generation Advertising offering, we are delivering superior results to our advertisers by leveraging advancements in data and technology,” said Greg McLelland, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer at Corus. “Bringing programmatic capabilities to television will not only streamline the buying process across platforms, it will also enable advertisers to gain new insights into audiences to optimize their media buy.”

    The Visible World platform is an industry-leading solution that provides advertisers the ability to define, target and reach relevant TV audiences. Customized for the Canadian marketplace, this solution will leverage traditional Numeris ratings, aggregate, anonymized data, and audience segmentation information to drive more effective reach.

    Advertisers and media planners can use existing in-house Demand-Side Platforms or directly interact with the Visible World system to plan, buy, and report on their campaigns.

    “We selected Visible World based on their in-depth experience in the broadcast space,” said Mr. McLelland. “Given their work with leading U.S. operators such as Comcast and Sinclair Broadcast, Visible World is best positioned to develop a first-of-its-kind Canadian solution for Corus.”

    “We are looking forward to the partnership with industry-leading broadcaster, Corus,” said Seth Haberman, Founder & CEO, Visible World. “We believe the collaboration will help enhance ad sales efforts with data-driven insights and automation across the Canadian marketplace and further Comcast Platform Service’s partnership with Corus.”

    Corus will work closely with its partners throughout the development process and continue to refine the platform’s capabilities and offerings to best service its clients’ needs.

    “Ultimately our goal is to have a Canadian programmatic solution that offers access to Corus’ full television inventory,” said Greg McLelland. “We look forward to working with our clients and conducting ongoing industry consultations to ensure that we are continuously improving the functionality of the platform and exceeding the needs of the advertising community.”