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    Cabinet Overturns CRTC Decision

    December 11, 2024 The Government of Canada has changed a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decision regarding Globalive Wireless Management Corp., a Canadian-owned and controlled company. The change is effective immediately, and Globalive can enter the wireless telecommunications market without delay.   “Globalive is a Canadian…

    Cabinet Could Overturn CRTC Decision on Globalive

    December 4, 2024 Cabinet could overturn a decision by the CRTC that prevents cellphone company Globalive from launching its service in Canada, federal Industry Minister Tony Clement says. “We do have the power through an order of council in cabinet to amend or…

    The Fight Network Launches iPhone App

    December 3, 2024 The Fight Network is proud to announce the launch of The Fight Network iPhone App. With the new iPhone App users will get every blow by blow update on what is going on in the world of MMA, boxing and wrestling.…

    CRTC Finds Globalive Does Not Meet Canadian Ownership Rules

    October 29, 2024 The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission today determined that Globalive Wireless Management (Globalive) does not meet the Canadian ownership requirements set out in the Telecommunications Act. Under the legislation, a telecommunications company is only eligible to operate in Canada if…

    Globalive Faces CRTC Hearing on Canadian Ownership

    September 22, 2024 New wireless player Globalive will have to show that it’s a Canadian-controlled company at a CRTC hearing where the country’s big three carriers will challenge its ownership structure this week. Globalive Wireless is building its network in five Canadian cities…

    Cellphone Companies Adopt Code of Conduct

    September 1, 2024 Canada’s wireless carriers have adopted a new code of conduct that they say will improve consumers’ understanding of their contracts when they buy a cellphone. The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, an industry group representing wireless carriers, said the new code…