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Wm. White Launches New App for Pro Productions and Crew Information

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  • Paul Bronfman, Chairman/CEO of Comweb Corp. and equipment provider, William F. White International Inc. (Whites), has announced the exclusive launch of a new mobile app in association with Croogloo Inc. designed to streamline and digitize the way crew information is distributed and obtained.  Croogloo will also provide its user base with the unique opportunity to plan, review and execute orders for Whites’ production equipment, making it easier and more efficient to process orders and facilitate production planning.

    With visualizations and automations across production data, Croogloo is a desktop and mobile solution that consolidates operations for all feature, TV and commercial production crews.  Croogloo is also an integrated platform to commonly used applications and solutions, which synchronizes all documentation across the production floor.  The daily routine of emailing crew schedules, scripts and call-sheets can now be replaced by a central distribution feed unifying all related communication flows.

    “Croogloo represents our tireless commitment to push for innovation as we explore new avenues by which to deliver our tools and expertise to the industry.  It’s all about added value and convenience for clients and crew,” said Whites’ Chairman/CEO Paul Bronfman.  “With our eyes on the future, Whites remains eager and excited to take a leadership role in helping to reshape production operations in a positive and more sustainable manner.”

    “We’re extremely fortunate to pioneer this first-in Canada exclusive project with the country’s oldest and largest provider of professional production equipment and technical expertise,” said Gad Tisch, President, Croogloo Inc.  “Crews across all production formats are long overdue for an easier way to execute and manage deliverables.  Whites and Croogloo are passionate about providing quality, cutting-edge, sustainable services to our shared user base.”


    “Having requests submitted through Croogloo will allow us to get faster quotes while cutting down on last minute orders,” said Robbie David, Executive in Charge of Production & Development, Prodigy Pictures.  “The crew will now be better equipped to relay requests with inventory and references in their hands.”

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