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Eastlink Launches ‘Eastlink Stream’

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  • With “Eastlink Stream”, consumers can stream live TV, along with prime time shows and movies on demand – from the most popular networks – on computers, tablets and smartphones, anywhere, anytime, at no extra cost, all from one simple app.

    “We know that consumers are watching more video than ever before and they are finding that discovering and subscribing to that content across numerous platforms has become time consuming and very expensive,” says Lee Bragg, CEO Eastlink. “We believe strongly that to develop products and services that are relevant and meaningful to our customers we must listen carefully to them. This is a key value for Eastlink and the genesis of Eastlink Stream.”

    Earlier this year, Eastlink conducted a product trial with close to 1,000 participants from across its Canadian footprint who used the product and provided valuable feedback to Eastlink as the company put the finishing touches on its new innovation.

    “We like to say that this product was designed by the experts and refined by our customers,” says Mr. Bragg. “Trial participants were clear about the importance of having access to all of their video content in one spot, and making that experience really simple to navigate.”

    Powered by Cisco’s Infinite Video, Eastlink Stream does exactly that.  Eastlink Stream means no more frustrating surfing around from TV network websites to websites; no more switching between apps for episodes or series; no more having to remember channel numbers or fumble around with complex TV menus on the remote control.

    “Consumers have gotten more savvy with how to stream their favorite shows, but it can be a challenging process to navigate with multiple websites, apps, subscriptions, usernames and passwords,” said Conrad Clemson, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Video Software, Cisco. “Eastlink Stream, featuring Infinite Video and VideoGuard Everywhere, makes streaming video simple, convenient and intuitive.”

    With Eastlink Stream, consumers can:

    • Surf the app with a simple swipe to see what else is on while watching their current show
    • Discover content in a variety of ways – by network, show title, genre etc – without ever having to leave the app
    • Search for a show on Live TV or from within the huge OnDemand library all on the same app
    • Leave the app and return to the same show they were watching when they left
    • Watch most popular channels Live and OnDemand from anywhere in Canada