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Corus Purchases SAM’s Quantel Rio for 4K HDR Editing Capabilities


Corus Entertainment has purchased a turnkey Quantel Rio 4K editing, colour, and finishing system with a Neo control panel, enabling the company to build a 4K HDR post-production workflow into its operations. This is the fifth Quantel Rio system purchased by Corus, and its first in a 4K configuration.

Glen Pollock, Director of Production and Post Services at Corus said, “Our customers are looking for higher resolution formats and ways to future proof content, and with this 4K platform, we can deliver on that expectation. We’ve been using the Quantel Rio in a 2K configuration for years and are impressed with its features, so it was a natural choice for us to expand our tool set capabilities with the addition of a 4K version. This new next gen system positions us well to respond to our customers’ needs now and in the future.”

Quantel Rio enables the ultimate 4K HDR workflow. Thanks to its realtime performance, its complete, integrated toolset keeps the whole job in the suite, reducing all the time and resources required to move 4K content between platforms. With full integration into today’s file-based workflows, Quantel Rio can handle everything necessary for a finishing system – interactively and in realtime.

Said Bacho, Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer at SAM commented, “It’s exciting for us to continue working with Corus, especially as they transition into a 4K workflow. Our Quantel Rio offering is a great example of SAM’s market-leading experience in 4K and High Dynamic Range content. We’re delighted to give Corus a powerful color toolset and unmatched finishing system so the company can confidently move into 4K productions.”

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