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Rogers Reduces Complaints by 65% in CCTS Mid-Year Report

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    Rogers again leads the industry in reducing the number of customer complaints to the CCTS. According to the 2024-16 mid-year report of the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, complaints from Rogers dropped dramatically by 65% and Fido decreased by 22%.

    "Today's mid-year results show we're continuing in the right direction towards overhauling our customers' experience," says Deepak Khandelwal, Chief Customer Officer, Rogers Communications. "While there is still work to be done, we've started tackling some of the industry's biggest issues head on, like roaming, by introducing services that are easy to use and save customers' time."

    Roaming related complaints from Rogers customers to the CCTS are on track to decrease by 90% this year, from the 2024-13 results. Rogers changed how customers roam by introducing Roam Like Home in 2024, a service that lets them use their monthly plan to access the Internet, make calls, send texts and emails when they travel, just like they would at home.

    Over the past six months, Rogers has introduced a number of new services and features including:

    *Facebook Messenger support so customers can get in touch with customer care how they want and when they want, keeping track of the conversation just like they would with their friends.

    *Expanded Roam Like Home to Asia and other international destinations including Russia, Australia and South Africa, offering predictable and affordable roaming to over 100 destinations world-wide.

    *Rogers DeviceAid and Fido DeviceAdvice apps that make it easier for customers to ask questions and fix smartphone issues right from their device.

    *Invested in MyRogers and MyAccount online and mobile apps so customers can place an order or change a service, check their data usage, billing and make a payment without having to make a call

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