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Source: Daily News | 2016-04-08
The ASPEN Community announces that ASPEN has achieved a significant milestone as it has been published by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, a leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media,...

Rogers Offers Inexpensive Internet to Low Income Tenants

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-08
Rogers is investing in communities by expanding its Connected for Success program, which started in Toronto in 2024, to everywhere it provides internet service. This means families and individuals living in rent-geared-to-income non-profit...

NewTek Joins the ASPEN Community

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-07
The ASPEN Community is proud to announce NewTek, makers of the world’s most complete multi-camera video production systems and a leader in IP video tools, has joined the ASPEN Community. The ASPEN Community is a rapidly growing coalition...

CRTC Unveils Map of Broadband Services in Canada

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-06
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission has unveiled a new map that enables Canadians to see where broadband Internet services and the technologies used to provide them are available.

CRTC Confirms Registration is Open for Discoverability Summit

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-06
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, in collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada, will host the Discoverability Summit in Toronto on May 10 and 11,  2024.

The Second City Training Centre Launches

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-06
The Second City Training Centre Toronto is proud to introduce the TV, Film & Digital Program with over a dozen courses and workshops designed to empower writers and comedians to take their careers to the next level and be successful in the...

CRTC Releases Three-Year Plan 2024-2019

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-05
Purpose of the Three-Year Plan

TFO Content Nominated for Youth Media Alliance's French Awards

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-05
Groupe Média TFO and its production partners are proud to announce that TFO's digital content and programs have received 11 nominations for the Youth Media Alliance's French Awards of Excellence, more than any other nominee. Winners will...

Corus Completes Acquisition of Shaw Media

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-01
Corus Entertainment Inc. announced today that it has completed its previously announced $2.65 billion acquisition of Shaw Media Inc..

CMF Announces 2024-2017 Program Budget, Guidelines and Deadlines

Source: Daily News | 2016-04-01
The Canada Media Fund announced today Program Guidelines for the 2024-2017 fiscal year. The CMF also announced it is committing $371.2M to support Canada’s television and digital media industry in 2024-2017. The breakdown of the 2024-2017...