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Cogeco Connexion Launches TV Offering Targeting Business Customers

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    Following the recent announcement of new TV bundles for consumers, Cogeco Connexion is proud to launch a TV offering specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises in Ontario and Québec. Cogeco Connexion unveils today a wide variety of TV packages catering to various business sectors and their unique needs.

    "Our business clients have different priorities and expectations when it comes to TV packages: they want to provide an outstanding entertainment experience to their own customers and employees, in order to ensure their satisfaction and successfully conduct their business activities," said Daniel Boisvert, Vice President, Marketing and Innovation, Cogeco Connexion. "We have seized this opportunity to reinvent our offering from top to bottom and we are proud to unveil a TV experience designed for businesses, with packages tailor-made for specific industries".

    A wide variety of customized TV packages

    Cogeco Connexion has designed TV packages to suit its clients' business needs, depending on their industry: Bars & Restaurants, Sports & Fitness, Retail, Offices & Professional Services, Hotels & Institutions, and other business types. Clients can choose between pre-assembled packages of 10 or 20 channels in Ontario, and of 10, 15 or 20 channels in Québec.

    A premium selection of channels for an optimal experience

    Cogeco Connexion has created the "Business Premium" package for businesses that are looking to offer the best of news, sports and entertainment to their customers. This ready-to-watch package offers great value and includes a line-up of premium channels such as TSN, Sportsnet, CNN, Food Network, and AMC in Ontario, and RDS, TVA Sports and Canal Vie in Québec.

    A wider selection of standalone channels

    Cogeco Connexion has expanded the availability of its standalone channels. Business customers can therefore benefit from an enriched selection, allowing them to choose the right channels to ensure their customers' satisfaction.

    Music Channels

    The Stingray Music package offers a wide variety of music channels programmed by experts.

    Business Basic

    Cogeco Connexion offers an entry-level package named "Business Basic" which is comprised of local and regional over-the-air Canadian stations, mandatory distribution channels, as well as community and educational channels. Once they have subscribed to this package, business clients can then add additional standalone channels or packages designed to meet their specific needs.

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