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Yangaroo Delivers Broadcast Quality Music Video to MusicPlus

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  • Toronto-based Yangaroo reports it has now delivered a full broadcast-quality music video using its patented Digital Media Distribution System. 

    Sony Music used DMDS to successfully deliver the video for Shakira’s “She Wolf” to Montreal-based MusiquePlus in a full, broadcast-ready format, the companies report.

    DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking.

    Yangroo’s team worked closely with both Sony Music and MusiquePlus to refine the process for digitally distributing broadcast-quality music videos utilizing DMDS 5.0, a process that includes the enabling of the file for online availability across Yangroo’s DMDS network for streaming and a frame-accurate preview quality version of the file with time-code burned in. The DMDS delivered file can be easily integrated into Online Editing Suites, On-Air Playback Servers and stored in a Digital Archive Server. The files are 50mbit IMX in an MXF OP1a container that maintain both time-code and closed captioning for the underlying video.

    “Early on, Sony and Yangaroo worked together to develop DMDS for audio delivery and we wanted to have the same kind of input with DMDS 5.0 for the delivery of broadcast quality music videos,” said Warren Copnick, Director National Promotion, Sony Music Entertainment Canada. “Once again, we are leading the way, offering a faster, less expensive, and environmentally friendly solution.”

    “DMDS enables us to receive music videos as soon as they’re available,” said Evelyne Ouellet, Vice-President Marketing and Communication, MusiquePlus. “Now, our viewers will have ready access to their performers’ latest videos sooner and we’ll experience the same benefits as the music industry, which is shedding physical delivery for digital distribution.”

    “Working hand in hand with our partners, we have developed a process for using our DMDS 5.0 technology for broadcast-quality video delivery,” said Richard Klosa, Chief Technology Officer, Yangaroo Inc. “The digital process is more efficient, saving time and cost, satisfying the needs of the music industry, and will provide a significant new revenue stream for Yangaroo.”

    The DMDS 5.0 platform is the culmination of months of planning and development, and a major financial investment, based on user feedback and the specific needs of organizations to move and market digital files securely and efficiently. Currently, a number of additional trials and pilot projects are underway with major advertising customers and broadcasters throughout North America.