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CMF Unveils New Incentive for Digital Media Co-Productions

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  • Today, the Canada Media Fund announced the launch of the Digital Media Co-Production Incentive, a $350K pilot program designed to stimulate digital media co-productions between Canadian producers and their international counterparts.

    “Canada is recognized by other countries as a leader in the production of digital media content such as games, applications and web series that are enjoyed by consumers in Canada and all over the world,” says Valerie Creighton, President and CEO. “By encouraging Canadian digital media producers to partner with other countries, we help them gain access to new markets and funding opportunities.”

    The Digital Media Co-Production Incentive guidelines can be found on the CMF website.  Production companies will be able to apply to the incentive as of October 1, 2023 until November 26, 2023, the closing date or until the funds are depleted. Applications will only be accepted via eTelefilm.

    Eligible projects could be a digital media component of a convergent project as set out in the Convergent Stream programs or an eligible project under the Experimental Stream.

    Earlier this month, the CMF, along with four other Canadian funding organizations, announced the creation of the International Digital Media Co-Production Framework that provides the basis for co-producing digital media projects with Canada.

    In March 2023, the CMF announced a program budget of $360.7 M for the 2023-2014 fiscal year in which the CMF had mentioned two new pilot programs to be launched this year. The Digital Media Co-Production Incentive is the first pilot to be announced; the second will be announced this fall.