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CBC Should Focus on Public Affairs says Conservative Leadership Hopeful

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  • Conservative leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier wants the CBC to refocus its mandate with fewer cooking shows, sporting events and Canadian knockoffs of popular U.S. programs.

    The Quebec MP says the Crown corporation should stick to its mandate by upgrading public affairs programming, and not just from Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

    Bernier says the CBC should stop doing three-quarters of what it currently does — which private broadcasters already do — and concentrate on those areas that it’s best suited to handle.

    Bernier also suggests modifying the Broadcasting Act to get the CBC  out of running advertising, moving towards the U.S. funding models of PBS or NPR, which are partly financed by public donations and foundations.

    A Bernier-run Conservative government would cancel the $150 million annual boost to CBC funding introduced by the governing Liberals, bringing public financing for the network to around $1 billion.

    Just before Bernier’s announcement, fellow Tory leadership rival Brad Trost used Twitter to call for the broadcaster to be privatized.

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    1. Ron Tucker says:

      In other words, put CBC out of business. If Bernier really wants journalism (not ambulance chasing and opinion marketing) he’ll need to realize that the US fundraising model won’t work in Canada …for the same reason private broadcasters complain that it’s too expensive to create Canadian entertainment …that is, we’re too small a market to compete with the juggernaut across the border.
      However, it’s clear, at least from this journalistic article, that his intent would be to make CBC go away. Why else would he deny them revenue from advertising (fair enough) AND take their funding away. I guess he figures trained, experienced professional journalists work for nothing? Bah Humbug!

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