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RCS and Marketron Collaborate on New Open Interface

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  • RCS and Marketron are coming together to create a unified set of tools for broadcasters. RCS and Marketron are forging a link between automation playback and advertising revenue and data by building an open interface.

    Nearly 50% of Marketron’s customers use an RCS automation product. The two companies will build upon this base by adding deeper RCS integration to Marketron’s open workflow platform Mediascape. This new interface will allow real time reconciliation and substitution of any advertising content on a broadcast station. With a live log functionality stations will expand their revenue opportunities substantially.

    Jeff Haley, CEO of Marketron, commented, “This combination is unbeatable for broadcasters — it offers best in class software in both automation and traffic.  As the media workflow gets more and more complicated, it’s up to us to build integrated systems that answer broadcaster needs.”

    Philippe Generali, CEO of RCS, added, “We have long been a proponent of open architecture allowing broadcasters to choose only the best products.

    RCS has supported the XML standard since the late 1990s as part of our strategy to deliver the best solution for each client. Based on this fundamental RCS principle, we are thrilled to be partnering with Marketron on this project. The entire team at Marketron has been very responsive and Marketron Traffic system complements RCS’ Zetta Automation in speed and scalability.”