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New Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal to Remain on Current Site

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  • Plans for the new Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal took a major step forward, as CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Directors shortlisted two proposals to continue with the last phase of the process leading to a final selection in fall 2024. The modernization of MRC in Montreal will exemplify the public broadcaster’s transformation.

    The Board chose proposals from two groups – one led by Broccolini, the other by Busac and Pomerleau – both of which call for projects on the current MRC site. With this decision, the public broadcaster is committed to remaining in the neighbourhood where it currently resides. The new Maison de Radio-Canada will most likely be located at the corner of René-Lévesque Blvd and Papineau St.

    This decision is the result of a thorough analysis of several proposals for the new MRC, on and off the existing site. In the coming months, the two groups will be asked to detail the specifics of their respective proposals, based on Radio-Canada’s requirements.

    “The two shortlisted projects were the ones that, from a qualitative and financial perspective, presented the most compelling scenarios for the MRC project,” said Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President of CBC/Radio-Canada French Services. “We are very enthusiastic at the prospect of working with the two proponents to start developing a dynamic, creatively stimulating space. We want the public broadcaster to become the hub for a new wave of digital creativity and to demonstrate its leadership in the French-language media industry.”

    Regarding the sale of the existing facility, the final phase of the process will continue with four proponents to maintain a high level of competition in the market and guarantee the best possible offer at the end of the process.

    The final choice of proposal, both for the new MRC and the sale of the existing facility, is expected in fall 2024 and will need to be approved by the Treasury Board.