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CRTC Approves CKSA-TV’s Disaffiliation from CBC TV Network

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  • The CRTC has approved an application to disaffiliate the English-language conventional television station CKSA-DT Lloydminster and its transmitter CKSA-TV-2 Bonnyville from the English-language television network operated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

    The licensee’s current affiliation agreement with the CBC will expire on 31 August 2016. CBC network-supplied programming will continue to be available through cable and direct-to-home satellite subscriptions.

    Newcap Inc.  filed an application to disaffiliate its English-language conventional television station CKSA-DT Lloydminster, Alberta, and its transmitter CKSA-TV-2 Bonnyville from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation effective 31 August 2016.Footnote1

    Newcap indicated that it was notified by the CBC in its current affiliation agreement and in a letter dated 20 January 2015 that it would not continue an affiliation relationship beyond 31 August 2016. Newcap indicated that it therefore had no choice but to disaffiliate and seek alternative programming. It added that it intends to operate as an independent conventional television station and to source programming from another supplier.

    The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application.

    In regard to the availability of CBC programming,the programming provided by the CBC should be made available throughout Canada by the most appropriate and efficient Commission’s analysis and decision means and as resources become available for the purpose. The Commission considers that the responsibility to provide the CBC’s services rests with the CBC, not with private broadcasters. In this respect, although the CBC’s programming will no longer be available over-the-air in the affected markets following disaffiliation, it will remain available on the basic service provided by cable and satellite operators.