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CMF Announces New Editorial Partnership

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  • The Canada Media Fund announced today an editorial partnership with Gruvi, a Danish company that provides programmatic solutions dedicated to serving video campaigns on various platforms for the entertainment industry. Gruvi also publishes a blog focusing on content discoverability and audience management in the digital environment. This partnership will allow CMF Trends and the Gruvi blog to share and exchange industry news and research content that will appear on their respective websites.

    The partnership with the Gruvi blog is a natural extension of the CMF Trends editorial offerings, increasing its reach and providing industry intelligence and trends in English and French to an audience of Canadian and internationally content creators. This partnership will allow Canadian and Scandinavian media professional to have greater access to timely research on critical aspects of the content industry.

    The first posting, available as of today, is a case study on the online marketing approach used in Denmark to promote the film It Follows. It focuses on the importance of data gathered online, and how it can help establish and affirm whether marketing initiatives promoting content are targeting the right audience on social media.

    The CMF Trends blog includes several hundred posts as well as video interviews. Favoring a collaborative approach with expert bloggers from Canada and around the world, readers can access an extensive collection of specialized articles about the television and digital media industry. With new content being added regularly, it’s an excellent way to keep abreast of industry developments.