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BravoFACTUAL Award Recipients from December 9 Jury Meeting

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    Bell Media’s BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) announced today the 11 BravoFACTUAL award recipients from the December 9 jury meeting. Selected from 65 applications, a total of $501,341 was awarded to Canadian filmmakers for the production of short documentary films. With this most recent announcement, BravoFACT has awarded more than $2.2 million in 2024 to some of Canada’s most talented filmmakers, for both scripted and documentary projects.

    It has been another incredible year of accomplishments for BravoFACT-funded films, with many having enjoyed success in Canada and abroad. Most recent accomplishments include BravoFACTUAL-funded films Teriano, selected to screen at the DOC NYC Festival; Prison Fight, selected to screen at the Toronto Short Film Festival; Cree Code Talker screened at the ImagineNATIVE Festival in October; while BravoFACT-funded films Consume won the $50,000 award at the Calgary International Film Festival/BravoFACT Pitch Contest and 5 Films About Technology made it into the Sundance Film Festival. To view previous BravoFACT-supported films, click here.

    The BravoFACTUAL fund recipients from the Dec. 9, 2024 jury meeting are:

    Brunch Queen – Steve Adams (Director), Sean Horlor (Producer)

    A hilarious gay couple prepares for the opening night of a musical about their lives as the owners of Vancouver’s iconic insult diner, The Elbow Room café.

    ChaparralElizabeth Lazebnik (Director), Anna Kharkhourin (Producer)

    This documentary tells the story of Chaparral Bowman, an Indigenous woman born inside of a Magdalene Laundry in New Brunswick. On her 18th birthday, she summoned the determination to escape this establishment.

    Double – Simon Paluck (Director), Michelle Solomon (Producer)

    A breast cancer survivor encourages her two, teenage daughters to have a double mastectomy by the time they’re 25. Meanwhile, an artist creates a painting to help communicate her message.

    Hip Hop Speak – Kathryn Martin (Director/Producer)

    Hip Hop Speak follows three, young and extremely talented Aboriginal hip hop artists who have found their salvation and transformed their lives through their hip hop music. They are the next generation of hip-hop in Winnipeg.

    If I Go Missing – Byron Hamel (Director/Producer)

    If I Go Missing centres around 14-year-old Brianna Jonnie who is making headlines as she fights systemic racism in Winnipeg. Her political fight builds to a beautiful dance that she performs by a river where the corpses of Indigenous teens and children have been found.

    My Dead Dad’s Porno TapesCharlie Tyrell (Director), Julie Baldassi (Producer)

    A short documentary that follows director Charlie Tyrell as he tries to uncover a better understanding of his deceased father through the random objects he inherited, including a pile of VHS dirty movies.

    Otto’s ObsessionAndrew Wall (Director), Kyle Bornais (Producer)

    A short documentary inspired by the communists recruited by the Nazis and trained by the CBC, Otto Klassen is one of Canada’s most fascinating, prolific, and yet obscure filmmakers.

    Over TimeMariam Zaidi (Director), Vanmala Subramaniamm

    What happens when the only job and neighbourhood you’ve known for three decades both transform at a rapid pace? Through the eyes of Shafiq, a 49-year-old taxi driver and resident of Regent Park, we get a glimpse into one of the fastest changing industries and neighborhoods in Toronto today.

    Prince’s TaleJamie Miller (Director/Producer)

    Prince Amponsah is a young theatre actor with a joyful spirit, though he lost both of his arms in a 2024 fire. Through dramatic visuals of Prince’s beautiful stage presence and an exploration of his daily life, Prince shares his journey of recovery and giving back to a community that gave him so much.

    Stitchers – Tassie Notar (Director), Gordon Henderson (Producer)

    Stitchers follows one woman’s ambitious project to create the entire Torah in needlepoint. Over 1,000 stitchers in almost 20 countries are each stitching a portion, in the hope that the final work will become an inspiring traveling museum exhibit.

    We Before MeHeidi Janz (Director), Eva Colmers (Producer)

    We Before Me is a poetic, illuminating documentary that explores and challenges preconceptions about caregiving as a strictly binary interchange, by visiting the homes of three very unusual “care” families in Alberta.

    The next submission deadline for BravoFACTUAL is February 24, 2024.

    For information about BravoFACT and BravoFACTUAL program requirements, and application guidelines, visit