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Bell Media Sales Launches Two Digital Products

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    Bell Media Sales announced today the launch of two new digital products, Advanced Audiences and Audience Extensions. The new products give advertisers expanded and more accurate targeting against Bell Media audiences.

    Advanced Audiences is Bell Media’s first-ever proprietary behavioural targeting product. It finds sophisticated, highly valuable audience segments that can be used alone or in conjunction with third party segments. Advertisers can choose from English or French segments, for example, “foodies”, “adventure travelers”, and “sports enthusiasts”, or have customized profiles created that are unique to their customers. To create custom profiles, thousands of data points are collected and examined from an extensive network of websites.

    The Audience Extension product provides the ability to retarget visitors of specific series or genres with relevant messages across the Bell Media network. This maximizes the reach, frequency, and efficiency of a campaign by targeting TV series’ fans outside of the core sponsorship environment. This product can also be used with an advertiser’s own first-party data for an additional level of targeting.

    “Together these products deliver increased campaign performance by communicating with online consumers in a highly individualized manner,” said Kristie Painting, Vice-President, Digital Sales. “We can offer advertisers a variety of qualified consumers online instantly and continue to effectively reach them