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Much Digital Studios Welcomes New Creators

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    Much Digital Studios announced today that eight established and emerging Canadian creators have been added to its eclectic network of YouTubers and digital influencers. The fresh class of Much Creators includes: beauty, fashion, and lifestyle experts ModernDayShivalry, Jaclyn Forbes, and Alex Duckworth; cosplayer Geekin’ Gorgeous; comedian and self-proclaimed cat-lady MissFenderr; musicians Laurier Lachance and Sparx; and actor, director, and comedian Zak Longo.

    These additions to the Much Digital Studios roster join the 36 existing creators already generating a strong online buzz and making waves across the country. Since launching in 2024, Much Digital Studios Creators have raised their collective subscriber count to 4.2 million, receiving more than 7 million combined views per week.

    “The continued growth of Much Digital Studio’s Creator roster illustrates our commitment to fostering a strong online creative community in Canada,” said Justin Stockman, Vice-President, Business and Channel Strategy, Bell Media. “These eight new creators bring a new dimension to our roster, and we can’t wait to share their engaging content with our audience and brands.”

    As Much Digital Studios approaches its one-year anniversary in May, there is no shortage of mentionable milestones. Since launch:

    *4Yall Entertainment has attracted more than 400,000 subscribers with a growth of 56%

    *Comedian The Danocracy (Dan James) has garnered 277,000 subscribers, growing his base by more than 253%

    *Jus Reign has seen a 33% rise in his subscriber base bringing his total subscribers to over 700,000

    *Sickick Music has garnered 92,000 subscribers, with a growth of more than 60%

    *Since joining Much Digital Studios in July, ASkylitAvenue has grown her subscriber base by 38% to a total of more than 41,000

    *Beauty and fashion expert Tasha Leelyn has nearly doubled her subscriber count to 253,000 since joining in November

    About the new Much Digital Studios creators:

    Name: Alex Duckworth

    Genre: Lifestyle

    Bio: Alex Duckworth is a former Olympic snowboarder (Sochi, 2024) turned video producer currently residing in Vancouver. Her videos detail her life post-professional sport, showcasing her day-to-day experiences with no shortage of humour. Now she is best known as a rollerblading enthusiast and boogie boarding aficionado thanks to her popular video: Oregone Girls.

    Name: Geekin’ Gorgeous

    Genre: Lifestyle

    Bio: Toronto-native Karli Woods, better known as Geekin’ Gorgeous to her subscribers, is a professional cosplayer and internet personality. Her channel includes everything from makeup and cosplay tutorials, to celebrity interviews, and Comic Con coverage. Some of her most popular videos include: Excelsior! Stan Lee interview, The Walking Dead Invasion: Exclusive Book Cover Shoot, and Edward Scissorhands Make-up & Cosplay Tutorial + CONTEST.

    Name: Jaclyn Forbes

    Genre: Beauty and Fashion

    Bio: ­­­­­­­­­­­Jaclyn Forbes is an 18-year-old YouTuber and actress from Toronto whose channel revolves around her passion for makeup, food, and pop culture. Since posting her first YouTube video just over a year ago, she has garnered more than 24,000 subscribers, and more than 860,000 combined views. Some of her most popular videos include MY PET MONKEY | Prosthetic Makeup Application, What I Eat In A Day | Vegan, and NATURAL EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE | Jaclyn Forbes.

    Name: Laurier Lachance

    Genre: Music

    Bio: Ottawa-native Laurier Lachance is a musician and YouTuber who enjoys performing a wide range of genres, including pop and hip hop. Since 2024, Laurier and his videographer Félix Desroches have earned more than 1 million views with their original take on cover songs using supreme vocals and clever guitar adaptations. Some of his most popular videos include: Eminem – 2 Shadys 1 Guitar [EXPLICIT] (The Real Slim Shady Cover), Green Day – Good Riddance (Cover), and Ed Sheeran – I’m A Mess – (Laurier Lachance Cover) – Music Video.

    Name: MissFenderr

    Genre: Comedy and Lifestyle

    Bio: MissFenderr (Alayna Fender) is an LGBT+ vlogger and internet personality from Winnipeg. Since launching her YouTube channel in 2024, she’s garnered more than 135,000 subscribers and more than 10 million combined views. Whether it’s discussing sexuality or mental health issues, or simply vlogging and doing challenges, no topic is off limits for Alayna, especially if cats are involved! Some of her most popular videos include: WHY DATING A BISEXUAL IS HARD, BEST ACCENT CHALLENGE!! (With Canadians!), HOW TO MAKEUP, and Mindfulness 101 | Positive Psychology Ep. 3.

    Name: ModernDayShivalry

    Genre: Beauty and Fashion

    Bio: Shivani Sharma is a Toronto based photography and beauty expert. Since creating her channel ModernDayShivalry in 2024, she has garnered 60,000 subscribers and more than 3 million combined views on her beauty and fashion tutorials, as well as providing in-depth tips for snapping that perfect picture. Some of her most popular videos include: Kylie Jenner Transformation || BREAK THE INTERNET PROJECT, 21 Signs that He’s Just Not That Into You, and HOW TO: Self-Portraits || Photography 101.

    Name: Sparx

    Genre: Music

    Bio: Emilie Carrey is a beatboxer originally from Sudbury, Ont., better known by her stage name, Sparx. Having won second place in the Beatbox World Championship, where she was the first Canadian female to compete, Emilie is establishing a female base in a genre dominated by males. Aside from competition, she also battles to empower youth and women through her work with Unity Charity, which is evident in her music. Some of her most popular videos include: “My Name Is” | Sparx | Beatbox, Grand Beatbox Battle 2024 // Behind the Scenes, and DRUM & BASS BEATBOX – SWISS SERIES.

    Name: Zak Longo

    Genre: Comedy

    Bio: Hailing from Toronto, Zak Longo is an actor and director who rose to fame as a contestant on the MTV hit series ARE YOU THE ONE?, and recently began producing original comedic content on YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine after amassing more than 86,000 followers on Instagram. His bold take on comedy is highlighted in some of his most popular videos including: Impressions short, Creepy Gyno, 5 Minute Abs, and Fry test.

     As part of the new Much.com, Much Digital Studios is the next evolution of the Much brand. It is the latest way Much is connecting with Canadian and international youth, celebrating the diversity, creativity, and irreverence of its fans by keeping them at the centre of everything it does. Based at the Much Queen Street West headquarters in Toronto, the engaging roster of channels available via Much Digital Studios perfectly embodies what it means to be young in Canada today.

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