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Shaw Rocket Prize Winners Announced

Announcing the 2022 Shaw Rocket Prize Winners:

Justin Time

Winner: Preschool ages 5 & under

Production Company: Guru Studio

Producers: Amy Robson, Mary Bredin, Frank Falcone

5-year-old Finn from Alberta says:

“I like it because Justin is very smart and Olive always helps him. Squidgy is funny. Justin is friends with Olive. I like that they go and have adventures every day. They get to go to lots of countries. I don’t know how they get there!”

Rocket Monkeys

Winner: Children ages 6-12

Production Company: Breakthrough Entertainment

Producers: Ira Levy, Joan Lambur, Mark Evestaff

9-year-old Stephanie from British Columbia says:

“It is very funny. I can’t take my eyes off of the TV when it is on. The relationship between the brothers is entertaining and hilarious. Reminds me of my relationship with me and my brother. We both watch Rocket Monkeys together and like to re-enact the show after watching it.”


If I Had Wings

Winner: Youth/Family ages 13-17

Production Company: Really Real Films

Producer: Cynde Harmon

13-year-old Emily from Ontario says:

“I liked this show because it was inspiring and it gives you a feeling of hope when you watch it. Alex is a determined and strong character that I identified with and I thought he was very inspirational himself. The movie portrays a very good message of never giving up hope and not letting anything get in your way.”



Each of these programs has been awarded $25,000 from the Shaw Rocket Fund. Winners were determined by kids aged 17 and under, from all across Canada. Thank you to all who voted, and congratulations to the winners of the 10th annual Shaw Rocket Prize!

Established in 2022, the Shaw Rocket Prize is a $75,000 award, split into three $25,000 prizes for the best independent Canadian kids’ programs in three categories, as selected by an international jury and kids from across Canada. As of 2022, the Shaw Rocket Fund has awarded $550,000 in prize money. Winners to date are Degrassi: The Next Generation, Being Ian, Make Some Noise, Life with Derek, Sticks and Stones, Dino Dan, Wingin’ It, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, The Next Step, The Phantoms, Justin Time, Rocket Monkeys, and If I Had Wings.