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CMF Announces Application Deadlines

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  • The next CMF application deadlines for its Convergent Stream and its Experimental Stream are as follow:

    Convergent Stream Diverse Languages Program: September 6, 2024

    Aboriginal Program – production: September 19, 2024

    Francophone Minority Program – production: September 26, 2024  

    For the Convergent Stream programs, it is important to remind applicants that both the television and the digital media components are taken into account in the selective evaluation process.  As such, a rich and substantial digital media component is likely to result in a higher ranking for a convergent project.    

    Experimental Stream: Development, Production, Marketing: September 30 2024  

    Analysts from the CMF Program Administrator|Telefilm Canada are available for pre-application consultations. If applicants want to discuss their projects, they can get in touch with their local Telefilm Canada office. (contact information here: