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APTN Launches High Definition Channel

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network is pleased to announce the launch of its new high definition channel, APTNHD. Special programming for the HD kickoff included the premiere showing of the 2022 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards in full high definition format. APTN’s HD service is broadcast in true HD format and is currently only available to Bell Canada HD subscribers.

APTNHD will carry 16.5 hours per week of distinctive HD programming. The schedule
features many of the network’s most popular shows including the award-winning, hit
series, now in its fifth and final season. Youth programming on
APTNHD will include the world premieres of MyTV and La Piqûre, two new programs

that explore the lives of today’s Aboriginal youth and the Gemini-award winning Wapos

All of APTN’s national news and current affairs programs, including the network’s daytime and primetime broadcasts, will be available on APTNHD.

“This new station will help our viewers see the best of APTN with the best technology
available today,” said Jean LaRose, APTN Chief Executive Officer. “Every day, APTN offers Canadians a window into the diverse worlds of Indigenous peoples in Canada and throughout the world through newscasts and documentaries, dramas, entertainment and children’s programs. With the new APTNHD channel, we’ll be providing viewers the same high quality programming at the highest quality broadcast standard that can be offered today.”

APTN believes the new channel will encourage the development of new and original Aboriginal language HD programming. “APTNHD will provide Aboriginal producers with an impetus to create more content in high definition,” said Mr. LaRose. “We look forward to increasing the amount of Aboriginal language HD content on television to further strengthen our mandate of
promoting, strengthening and enhance the languages, cultures and reality of Aboriginal
Peoples in Canada.”