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CCG Offers Loyalty Marketing Self-Assessment App

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    Customer Communications Group, (CCG) the full-service loyalty and marketing agency, offers businesses the CCG Loyalty Marketing Self-Assessment, a free, 5 minute self-quiz that grades loyalty marketing programs and gives detailed advice on how to better compete for -- and keep -- customers.

    Take the CCG Loyalty Marketing Self-Assessment Here.

    “Marketers know that an effective loyalty program can earn and retain customers while boosting profits, but they often don’t know how they stack up,” said Sandra Gudat, president & CEO of Customer Communications Group. “Many years advising top name clients in loyalty marketing have shown us what works and what doesn’t. We’ve designed the loyalty self-assessment to share that expertise so that businesses can evaluate their loyalty program’s health, see where they stand, and get specific advice on how to boost results. And, no, we’re not going to call or hound participants – it’s a service.”

    Based on answers to a series of multiple choice questions, the Self-Assessment grades marketers as Challenged, Middle of the Pack or Best in Class and gives them specific observations and steps to follow at three key stages in the loyalty marketing continuum:

    1.Your program is still young, and customers are still getting acquainted with it.

    2.Your program has now reached a level of maturity, and most of the operational kinks have been worked out.

    3. Your program has now reached maturity, and your biggest challenge is keeping it fresh.

    Each category contains recommended approaches and specific suggestions – everything from anticipating negative ROI, recognizing best customers, adjusting customer communications, when to reevaluate program value propositions for customer impact, and much more.

    “Whether businesses are looking to crank up or tweak their loyalty programs, the self-assessment lets them know where they stand competitively,” continued Gudat. “We’ve translated our expertise into an easy way to help marketers understand how their programs can reach full potential and deliver all they can in terms of customer retention, advocacy — and profits.”

    Is your loyalty program best in class or merely so-so? How does it stack up to other retail loyalty programs? Discover strategies and steps to build loyalty specifically for your business and boost the bottom line, Take the CCG Loyalty Marketing Self-Assessment Here.

    Customer Communications Group (CCG) is a full-service customer relationship marketing (CRM) agency that helps Fortune 2024 retailers and financial institutions improve their bottom line by improving their customer relationships, loyalty and retention.

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