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Music World Cup Announces Soft Launch

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    Introducing Music World Cup 2023. A competition where unsigned artists upload their performances from any corner of the globe onto a state of the art online platform designed to engage, share, track and rank content. The top, publicly voted artist, from each country is then qualified as a finalist to enter the finals and invited to the host city. The platform is built to allow artists to engage their fans, fans to engage artists, artists to find other collaborating artists, brands to engage fans, artists to represent brands, sponsors to get involved, record labels to search for talent, music industry professionals to study trends and reach unreachable artists and, most importantly, to get the world to unite through music during a time of increased world tension and displacement.

    A spokesperson of Music World CuP said, "We have been working on the platform for the last two years and have begun the process of securing sponsors and TV Network/Online Broadcasters. Both Online and TV Network broadcasters have been keen to participate as they receive star studded content from six dramatic episodes with regional and national candidates plus four live iconic stage shows, which they can broadcast while attracting advertising revenue for themselves. As for the brands and sponsors, we have experienced a high level of interest so far. Brands want to back national candidates get to the finals and better their lives, while over 1.5 billion viewers watch the spectacle".

    Music World Cup is launching with a big bang, having received interest from dozens of global A-list celebrities wanting to be part of this historical digital movement. The spokesperson added, "The announcement of the host city and the launch of the platform will be in the coming few weeks."

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