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bravoFACT-Funded Short Films Selected For Screening at TIFF

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Bell Media congratulates the 11 bravoFACT-funded (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) short films selected to screen at the 37th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), September 6 through September 16, 2024. Over the past 13 years, 68 bravoFACT funded films have had their premiere screenings at TIFF.

“Congratulations to all our bravoFACT filmmakers who have short films screening at TIFF,” said Catherine MacLeod, Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “TIFF is one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals and this year’s competition was fierce with nearly 700 entries. Standing out in that crowd is truly a testament to your creativity and ingenuity.”

This year, the following films will premiere at TIFF: 100 Musicians (Charles Officer), Barefoot (Danis Goulet), Safe Room (Elizabeth Lazebnik), Pool Date (Patrick Sisam), Vive la Canadienne (Joe Cobden), Canoejacked (Jonathan Williams), Dear Scavangers (Aaron Phelan), Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (Stephen Dunn), The Dancing Cop (Kelvin Redvers) and Ben Shirinian’s Lost in Motion which has already generated buzz online with a viral video. Please click here.

Bell Media congratulates the bravoFACT TIFF selections:

100 Musicians (Ontario)

100 Musicians takes place in Toronto’s Kensington Market on a hazy summer night. Sydney (Rainbow Sun Francks, THE LISTENER) and June (Abena Malika, LOST GIRL) share an intimate moment in bed and argue over what they hear on the radio.

Barefoot (Ontario)

Barefoot features 16 year-old Alyssa (Emily Roberts) whose plans to become a mom begin to unravel.

Lost in Motion (Ontario)

Choreographed and performed by Guillaume Côté, Lost in Motion showcases the dancer’s solo performance with the National Ballet of Canada.

Safe Room (Ontario)

A semi-autobiographical film about a young woman living in Canada who remembers her experiences of sitting in the same room with her family in Israel during the Gulf War.

Pool Date (Ontario)

A young Canadian man on vacation in Rio de Janeiro has a surprising moment poolside that is filled with desire, curiosity and acceptance. Starring Adamo Ruggiero (DEGRASSI), Mike Beaver and directed by Patrick Sisam.

Vive la Canadienne (Quebec)

Joe Cobden’s (The Vow) girlfriend, Louise-Michel Jackson (Secret Service) takes care of business when the couple is harassed while walking through a park.

Model (Ontario)

Model features Peter Pasyk (GravyTrain) through the dying days of architectural model-building.

Canoejacked (Ontario)

Canoejacked stars Al Sapienza (PERSON OF INTEREST), Pat Thornton (COMEDY BAR) and Mpho Koaho (FALLING SKIES). The story follows two convicts who want to mend their criminal ways. They end up getting surprising assistance from a nudist canoeist.

Dear Scavengers (Ontario)

Dear Scavangers stars Erin Pitt (You Lucky Dog), Helen Colliander (The Case for Christmas), Hrant Alianak (Billy Madison) and Tory Marra as they compete in a scavenger hunt that results in a mini generational clash.

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (Ontario)

Life Doesn’t Frighten Me stars Gordon Pinsent (REPUBLIC OF DOYLE) and Jade Aspros, a 13-year old on the verge of puberty.

The Dancing Cop (British Columbia)

The Dancing Cop features William Belleau (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Ranjit Samra (ENDGAME) and Mikal Grant (ODI ET AMO: OF LOVE AND HATE) in a story of a misunderstanding between a police officer and a young native man, with a bit of song and dance mixed in.

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