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Shaw Media Announces 2024-2012 Programming for Specialty Channels

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 Shaw Media announced today its  2011/12 programming lineup across its specialty channels. With over 35 brand-new, standout series, the collection of 18 specialty channels are sure to continue to dominate the specialty landscape and offer an unrivalled breadth and caliber of programming.

 "Our audience ratings across our specialty services have surged to new levels. With the new fall schedules, our broadly appealing, impactful and entertaining programming will continue to catapult the ratings on our channels and solidify us as leaders in the specialty television landscape," said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice-President, Content, Shaw Media.

Food Network confirms that Top Chef Canada has been greenlit for season two. The channel also ushers in former NFL star, Bachelor and current ESPN/ABC and TSN analyst, Jesse Palmer with the launch of its new series Recipe To Riches.  

Slice continues to indulge women with the ultimate roster of addictive, guilty pleasure series. This fall includes new seasons of the world's number one hit lifestyle reality franchise Real Housewives. The channel has also announced that in the year ahead, the international smash hit will be crossing the border, treating Canadians to a version of their own with Real Housewives Vancouver. Slice also welcomes former Dragon's Den star and highly regarded business man/philanthropist W. Brett Wilson to the channel with his new series Risky Business.

HGTV is the destination for entertaining home-related content that attracts strong female audiences. This fall, viewers can look forward to the return of their favourite shows such as House Hunters, House Hunters International and Holmes Inspection with Mike Holmes along with exciting new and original series including Consumed and Urban Suburban.

Specialty's number one entertainment channel, almost doubling its audience over the last five years, History Television continues to be a driving force with new series and returning audience favourites such as Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars, Ice Pilots, and American Pickers, along with record-shattering phenomenon IRT: Deadliest Roads. History Television delves deep into name origins with the brand-new original series What's In A Name.

Home to the top-rated cable dramas, Showcase most recently had its biggest fall in four years. This fall, Showcase becomes the exclusive home to two show-stopping series, Royal Pains and Warehouse 13. Viewers can rejoice with the return of the number one scripted original drama Lost Girl and the second season of the sleek spy series Covert Affairs.

 New and Returning Programming Highlights Include:


Jamie's Meals In Minutes (North American Broadcast Premiere) AUGUST 29
If you love food and have hungry mouths to feed when you get home after a long day, then allow Jamie to introduce you to a revolutionary way of cooking. In Jamie's Meals in Minutes, he'll show you how to make a complete meal in the time you'd normally spend on one dish. In this series, Jamie's style of cooking is all about using every minute wisely, having fun and reclaiming your kitchen for the job it was meant for. Once you start cooking this way, you'll never look back.

Sugar High (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 31
In this brand new series, famed cake ‘Ace' Duff Goldman leaves his bakery behind and takes a sweet road trip on a mission to find the best desserts in America, from baked Alaska to Boston cream pie. Duff goes to the locals of each city to find out where they eat when they've got a sugar craving and then meets the people behind the nation's best desserts, getting the scoop on the history of the recipe and the behind-the-scenes magic of how it is made.

Tough Cookies (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 31
The only thing more popular than the Jersey Shore beach in New Jersey are the cookies at Crazy Susan's Cookie Company. There's never a dull moment with this loving, squabbling, multi-generational family. Sisters Susan and Linda try to keep everything running smoothly - but with lines out the door, phones ringing off the hook, and family members who create more problems than solutions, they'll need to work their tails off to keep these cookies from crumbling.

Crave (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 1
There's no doubt about it, Crave host Troy Johnson is obsessed with food. As a food critic and journalist in San Diego, he is constantly surrounded by culinary wonders. He'll travel anywhere and try anything in pursuit of a new gastronomic passion. Troy's expeditions shed light on how a particular dish or trend started, how it's made, the science behind it, and even the loyal people who are nuts about the flavour - just like him. Troy doesn't stop until he fully uncovers every one of his newest food obsessions.

Heat Seekers (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 1
For chefs Aarón Sanchez (Chefs vs. City) and Roger Mooking (Everyday Exotic), Heat Seekers is a tongue-testing odyssey to discover the most deliciously spicy food across the country - and to figure out why these dishes are so fun to eat. They discover the secrets of spicy dishes of all kinds - from Mexican to Korean to Indian cuisine - and then subject themselves to a test of who can handle the heat. The results are either tears of laughter or tears of pain - usually both.

Recipe To Riches (World Premiere) OCTOBER 19

In this new competitive reality series, everyday Canadians with extraordinary recipes battle for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their recipe chosen as the next President's Choice® sensation. Hosted by former The Bachelor star Jesse Palmer, the competition is judged by a panel of experts including Laura Calder, host of French Food at Home; Tony Chapman, Founder and CEO of leading advertising agency Capital C; and Dana McCauley, Culinary Director at Janes Family Foods.

Brand new seasons of returning series on Food Network include: Top Chef, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, Dinner Party Wars, Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Cupcake Wars, The Great Food Truck Race, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Eat St., Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Chuck's Day Off.


Consumed (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 6

In this extreme home experiment, overwhelmed families drowning in their excessive amount of stuff are challenged by organizational expert Jill Pollack to survive for 30 days with only the bare essentials. With their worldly possessions temporarily gone, Jill helps them confront their relationships with each other and the effect of clutter on their lives. At the end of it all, they will see their material possessions, homes, and each other in a completely different way. But can families who have been consumed by our consumer society actually change?

Urban Suburban (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7

Brother and sister realtors Phil DuMoulin and Sarah Daniels compete each week to find one family their dream home. Featuring a different Canadian city in each episode, Sarah will prove that the suburbs aren't all cookie cutter houses and soccer moms, while Phil will prove that buying downtown doesn't mean a huge mortgage and little living space. Tune in to find out if each family's dream home is in the city or the suburbs!

House Hunters On Vacation (Canadian Premiere) FALL 2024

In this House Hunters spinoff series, HGTV will whisk away one lucky family each week to a beautiful vacation destination. The family only has to answer one question: which home they would like to stay in for a week! Host Taniya Nayak will take each family to tour spectacular homes chosen just for them - will they fall for the beachside villa, a cottage nestled on the hills, or the high-rise condo with incredible city views?

HGTV'D (Canadian Premiere) FALL 2024

For anyone who has ever wished that HGTV would show up on their doorstep and makeover their home, that dream is about to come true with the new show HGTV'd. In each episode, an HGTV star such as David Bromstad (Color Splash), John Gidding (Curb Appeal), or Genevieve Gorder (Dear Genevieve), will arrive at the home of a lucky viewer and surprise them with a jaw-dropping transformation in their own home. Hosted by Extra's Tanika Ray, this show will turn outdated family rooms, dull basements and boring backyards into astonishing, one-of-a-kind spaces that feature high-impact, ingenious and visually stunning room designs.

Dina's Party (Canadian Premiere) FALL 2024

Interior designer and special events planner Dina Manzo, better known as one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is bringing her lavish and sumptuous events to HGTV in the new party-planning series Dina's Party. In each episode, Dina and the staff of her event company Design Affairs will create over-the-top parties for her clients in New York and New Jersey. Whether it's a posh baby shower, fantasy wedding or grand graduation party, Dina makes every occasion a breathtaking and unique celebration.

Room Crashers (Canadian Premiere) FALL 2024

Designer, contractor, and former Design Star finalist, Todd Davis is in stores across America looking for unsuspecting homeowners who need some serious help with their home improvement projects. If the homeowners are willing, Todd and his Room Crashers team will follow the surprised shoppers home and completely transform their dull and outdated rooms into stunning showpieces!

Brand new seasons on HGTV include: Holmes Inspection, Sarah's House and Income Property.

History Television

Brad Meltzer's Decoded (Network Premiere) AUGUST 30

What if the history you knew was only half the story? Brad Meltzer's Decoded investigates the other half: the secret history of the symbols and codes that surround us every day. Best-selling author Brad Meltzer has been writing novels for more than a decade. He has studied and written about some of the most revered institutions and documents in human history, including the U.S. Supreme Court, the Presidency, the Secret Service, Wall Street and the Bible. From the dollar bill to the first Presidential Codes, the hidden messages of the Statue of Liberty and the ciphers protecting the location of lost Confederate gold, Brad and his team uncover the truth behind history's most provocative secrets.

The Pacific (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 9

Executive produced by Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman, The Pacific tracks the intertwined real-life journeys of three U.S. Marines across the vast canvas of the Pacific Theater during World War II. This 10-part miniseries follows these men and their fellow Marines from their first battle with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the rain forests of Cape Gloucester and the strongholds of Peleliu, across the bloody sands of Iwo Jima and through the horror of Okinawa, and finally to their triumphant but uneasy return home after V-J Day.

What's In A Name? (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12

What's In A Name? looks at the history of names and where they originate. This series showcases the process of naming a diverse selection of products, and each story incorporates the facts that reveal the history of the product and lessons learned while choosing a name.

Canadian Made (World Premiere) WINTER 2024

Guaranteed to amuse, surprise and instill pride, the series gives viewers a fresh look at the inventions, methods and ideas that make up Canadian towns, homes, and daily lives. Garbage bags, zippers, even Superman himself, were all made in Canada. We'll tell you how they all came to be.

New seasons of highly-anticipated History Television series include: Ancient Aliens, William Shatner's Weird or What?, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Ice Pilots NWT, Ice Road Truckers, Swamp People, Ax Men and Trashopolis.

Cable premieres of hot movies on History Television include: Angels and Demons, Inglorious Basterds (Winter 2024), Invictus (Winter 2024), and The Informant.


Royal Pains, Season 2 [HD] (Network Premiere) AUGUST 31

Royal Pains stars Mark Feuerstein as Hank Lawson who, after becoming blacklisted from the medical community, revives his career as a "doctor for hire" to the rich, famous and infamous in the Hamptons. In addition to his wealthy patients, Hank treats the town's less fortunate and finds himself walking the line between doing well for himself and doing good for others. The show also stars Paulo Costanzo, Reshma Shetty and Jill Flint. Henry Winkler (Arrested Development) joins the cast for season two as Eddie R. Lawson, Hank and Evan's father.

Warehouse 13, Season 3 [HD] (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 1

Warehouse 13 follows two Secret Service agents who find themselves abruptly transferred to a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and preternatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government. The Warehouse's caretaker Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) tasks Agents Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the Warehouse. In season three, Aaron Ashmore joins the cast as a new recruit and Pete's new Warehouse 13 partner.

Covert Affairs, Season 2 [HD] (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 4

Showcase's number one Winter 2024 series, Covert Affairs stars Annie Walker (Piper Perabo), a young CIA operative whose exceptional linguistic skills make her invaluable to the Agency in missions that span the globe. In season two, Annie's career continues to intrude on her personal life as she strives to balance a "pseudo-normal" life with her high-octane adventures as a covert operative.

Lost Girl, Season 2 [HD] (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 4

Anna Silk (Being Erica, Billable Hours) reprises her role as "Bo," the tough yet loveable Succubus who survives by feeding off sexual energy. Season two will challenge Bo's resolve to stay free and force her to question her own morals and beliefs. While Bo grows stronger and learns more about who she really is, relationships will be tested and passions will ignite, but answers will not come easily. Through it all, Bo will remain true to herself and loyal to those she trusts as she continues to forge a path of her own in a dangerous world.

King, Season 2 [HD] (World Premiere) WINTER 2024

Showcase's breakout original series, King, returns for a sultry second season. King follows Jessica King (Amy Price-Francis), the newly appointed lead investigator of Toronto's Major Crimes Task Force. When police detectives are stumped, King is called in to take over the investigation. Fiercely intelligent, she's survived eight years in Homicide, two marriages and multiple stab wounds. As an investigator, King is a lateral, imaginative thinker whose unique eye for detail turns cases around, and she has a rare quality: King doesn't need to be liked.

Rizzoli & Isles, Season 1 [HD] (Network Premiere) WINTER 2024

Rizzoli & Isles follows Boston detective Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and medical examiner Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander), complete opposites and good friends who solve crimes and bust some of Boston's most notorious criminals. Growing up at opposite ends of the economic spectrum, the two remain strikingly different from one another, but complement each other. Working together they both use their brilliant minds and expertise to solve Boston's most complex cases.

Cable premieres of hit movies on Showcase include: The Hangover [HD], Sherlock Holmes [HD], Star Trek [HD], Iron Man [HD], Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull [HD], GI: Joe Rise Of The Cobra [HD], Clash Of The Titans [HD] and 2024 [HD].

Brand new seasons premiering on Showcase include: Rescue Me, Burn Notice, Fairly Legal (Winter 2024), Weeds (Winter 2024), NCIS: LA, Law & Order: UK, Rookie Blue and Combat Hospital.


Cake Walk: Wedding Cake Edition (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7

Cake Walk: Wedding Cake Edition is a cake competition series hosted by Canadian actress and comedian Caroline Rhea. Each one-hour episode features three Canadian cake designers as they compete for the chance to have their work showcased on the most important day in a couple's life. The designers must create the couple's dream wedding cake in a matter of hours. The stakes are high as they race against the clock to design and complete a uniquely beautiful cake. In the end, it's up to the couple - and a panel of three expert judges - to decide who will take home the $5,000 prize and the chance to have their cake design featured at the couple's wedding.

Shotgun Reno (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 8

Shotgun Reno tracks what happens when you take one of life's most stressful moments - the renovation of a home - and add in a life-altering event like a wedding or the birth of a child. The results are bursting budgets, mountains of drywall dust and very real deadlines. It's enough to stir anxiety in even the calmest of couples as they struggle to complete their renovation on budget and in time for the big event. Host Andrea Bain (Three Takes) and contractor Aaron Phyphers guide hapless homeowners through a renovation against the clock and the pocketbook. With two of the most nerve-racking life events converging, the Shotgun Reno team is there to help in the quest for a happy-ever-after.

Intervention Canada (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 9

Intervention Canada is a powerful and gripping television series in which people confront their darkest demons and seek a route to redemption. The series follows the format of the multiple Emmy® award-nominated, ground-breaking US series. It profiles people whose dependencies on drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behaviours have brought them to a point of personal crisis, to be faced with an intervention.

Mob Wives (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 9

Mob Wives is a docu-soap series that follows the lives of four women at a crossroads, having to pick up the pieces and carry on while their husbands or fathers do time for Mob-related activities. They are struggling with their identities, their families and their futures. From The Godfather to The Sopranos to My Cousin Vinny, these women are sick and tired of the lies and stereotypes that exist about their lives. They're determined to finally set the record straight and show the world once and for all that while their lives may seem crazy at first glance, they love, laugh and get their hearts broken just like everyone else.

Risky Business (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12

Risky Business takes couples on a financial and emotional rollercoaster as they choose between two unconventional ways to invest their life savings. In each episode, host W. Brett Wilson (Dragons' Den) guides investors as they choose between two different opportunities, each looking for capital and offering a big return. The options will be unusual - such as investing in undervalued vintage wine labels or betting it all on a high-stakes one-night-only event. The duo will risk their life savings on one investment, and Brett will invest in the other. At the end of the episode we find out how each investment performed.

‘Til Debt Do Us Part: Baby Edition (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12

Much loved money expert, Gail Vaz-Oxlade saves families from the financial challenges of parenthood in a special baby-related season of ‘Til Debt Do Us Part. From preparing for a new addition to the family, to learning how to budget on a maternity leave income, to curbing the irresistible purchases of adorable clothing and toys, Gail helps families stay on track. Gail's money savvy, no-nonsense approach to debt is exactly what these parents need to go from red to black, and have the means to provide the life they want for their children.

New seasons of popular Slice favourites include: Project Runway, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of New York City.

New seasons of Canadian series include: Party Mamas and Princess.


Casino Confidential (World Premiere) AUGUST 31
Las Vegas, Nevada is the casino capital of the world - and the setting for Casino Confidential, a thrilling new TV series that takes viewers behind the scenes at a mega casino resort. From glamorous Cowgirl Dealers to Elvis weddings at the rooftop pool, the series follows key staff whose job it is to give customers the time of their lives while keeping control in a city that thrives on tourism, money and wild partying.

New episodes of returning TVtropolis favourites include: Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Frasier and Roseanne.

New seasons of TVtropolis Canadian original series include: Instant Cash and TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens.


Lizard Lick Towing, Season 1 (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 30

The Lizard Lick Towing Company from the show All Worked Up returns with an all-new series. Follow Ron, Amy and their team of repo men through the rough-and-tumble action in Lizard Lick, North Carolina as our cameras capture every dangerous seizure parking lot standoff.

Las Vegas Jailhouse, Seasons 1 to 3 (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 31

This action packed series takes you behind the scenes and behind Las Vegas jails, with an in-depth look at law enforcement officers doing their job in a city that never sleeps.

Full Throttle Saloon, Seasons 1 and 2 (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 31

The world's largest biker bar is open for only 10 days a year in August. This summer Mike Ballard has to try and turn a profit at the Full Throttle Saloon during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. He has to control his eccentric - and sometimes thieving - staff of bartenders and dancing girls while the Throttle hosts big name concerts, burlesque shows, and other biker-friendly acts. Keeping his patrons and his staff in line is more than anyone could handle.

Smoking Gun Presents, Season 11 (Canadian Premiere) AUGUST 31

Stupid has never been funnier. Stars such as Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett and Judy Gold entertain as they show footage and make hilarious commentary about the world's wildest criminals, drivers, fans, daredevils, competitions and partiers.

Cable premieres of hit movies on Action include: Terminator Salvation, Fast & Furious, Cop Out, The Road, The Losers and District 9.

New seasons of returning Action series include: All Worked Up, Hardcore Pawn, Southern Fried Stings, Pawn Stars, Most Shocking and Bait Car.


Monroe (North American Premiere) FALL 2024

Monroe is a British medical drama television series created and written by Peter Bowker and produced by Mammoth Screen for the ITV network. The series follows a neurosurgeon named Gabriel Monroe, played by James Nesbitt, and portrays the effect diseases have on family and friends of patients.

DIY Network Canada

Mega Dens (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 6

In each episode of Mega Dens, host and interior designer Anitra Mecadon creates over-the-top rec-room sanctuaries, while demonstrating the skills needed to renovate family spaces. Featuring incredible home theaters, innovative gaming areas, clever storage solutions and more, Anitra's rock ‘n' roll approach to design will transform these dens beyond the homeowners' wildest dreams.

Renovation Rookies (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7

A major home renovation can be a dream come true, but as these Renovation Rookies soon discover, finishing it can often be a nightmare. Families will crack through rocky terrain, battle the elements, argue with opinionated contractors, and build on extreme angles as they watch their money being stretched to the max - all to complete the ultimate renovation.

Money Hunters (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 8

There's money in your next home renovation - and Money Hunters, Matt Blashaw and Deanne Bell, are here to help you find it. Working alongside real-life homeowners, they will use innovative solutions, smart shopping options and tricks of the trade to deliver the best damn renovation their budget can buy. They do it all to complete a killer makeover that the families never thought possible.

Brand new seasons on DIY Network Canada include: Cool Tools, House Crashers, Kitchen Impossible and Man Caves.


New episodes of returning reality favourites include: Hell's Kitchen, Total Wipeout and The Real Housewives.


Secret Diary Of A Callgirl, Season 3 (Cable Premiere) SEPTEMBER 6
In season three, Belle (Billie Piper) is hired to write a follow-up book, and ends up breaking two professional protocols when she falls for her editor Duncan (James D'Arcy). Meanwhile, Bambi goes gaga for one of her clients, eccentric rich kid Byron. Belle cautions her that prostitutes can't have boyfriends, while hypocritically carrying on with Duncan. To confuse matters further, Ben (Iddo Goldberg) starts up with Belle's sister Jackie (Joanna Bobin), which makes Belle extremely jealous.

Californication, Season 2 (Cable Premiere) SEPTEMBER 6
In season two, Hank (David Duchovny) is hired to ghost write the memoirs of a rock legend, only to have him die of an overdose. Hank and Karen (Natascha McElhone) try to make a go of reconciliation, but both have a hard time with committing. Becca (Madeleine Martin) falls in love for the first time and gets her heart broken. Charlie (Evan Handler) is fired from his job and tries to reinvent himself in the porn business, while Marci (Pamela Adlon) is forced to come to terms with her coke addiction and goes to rehab.

Big Love, Seasons 3 and 4 (Cable Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7
In season three of Emmy® and Golden Globe®-nominated series, Big Love finds modern polygamist Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) tackling problems outside his three-house suburban home. Bill attempts to create some much-needed financial security by expanding his business and continues to try and extricate himself from family and business ties to the Juniper Creek compound. Power struggles between wives continue - especially regarding the possibility of adding a fourth, while dealing with the growing pains of his two oldest children, Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) and Ben (Douglas Smith), and the endless challenges brought on by his brother Joey (Shawn Doyle). In season four, Bill opens a Mormon-friendly casino, and runs for the State Senate in Utah.

Weeds, Seasons 5 and 6 (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7
In season five, Nancy digs herself deeper into shambles when she marries drug lord, Esteban (Demián Bichir), and has a baby son with him. Her dreams of domestic bliss are derailed when Esteban's ex-wife Pilar shows up and takes over his political campaign, and makes some nasty threats to Nancy. Meanwhile, Doug and Silas open a medical marijuana dispensary, Andy takes up with Nancy's doctor (Alanis Morissette), and Shane begins drinking. In season six, Nancy grabs her kids and flees back to the U.S. in a cross-country odyssey. Season six guest stars include Linda Hamilton, Richard Dreyfuss, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Single White Spenny (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12
Single White Spenny is a show about a man (Spencer Rice, Kenny vs. Spenny) accused of being a lovetard and manchild in his recent divorce hearings. To prove his ex-wife wrong he embarks on a quest to find his one true love. Witnessing the dating train-wreck is his selfish mother, Sheila (Deb McGrath), his relationship-phobic best friend, Chelsea (Amy Matysio), his friendless neighbour, Phil (Wayne Thomas Yorke) and Jessica (Nikki Payne), the useless-employee at Spenny's novelty shop. Will Spenny ever find true love?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Season 5 (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12
The series follows ‘The Gang,' a group of five depraved underachievers. Siblings Dennis and Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds, their friends Charlie Kelly and Mac, and Frank Reynolds, Dennis and Dee's adoptive father, run Paddy's Pub, a run-down bar in South Philadelphia.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 7 (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 12
Golden Globe® award-winning series Curb Your Enthusiasm stars Seinfeld co-creator Larry David as himself in a tongue-in-cheek depiction of his life. Shot in a cinéma vérité style, featuring well-known celebrities playing themselves, the episodes are improvised by the actors from an outline created by David. The series also stars Cheryl Hines as David's wife, Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as David's manager, Jeff and Susie Essman as Jeff's wife, Susie.

Network premieres of hit films on IFC include: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Wrestler and A Single Man.


Network premieres of blockbuster movies on MovieTime include: Land Of The Lost, Funny People, The Book Of Eli, A Nightmare On Elm Street and The Taking of Pelham 123.

Mystery TV

New episodes of returning favourites include: Burn Notice, Law and Order: CI, Law and Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA, House, Hawaii Five-0 and Bones.

National Geographic Channel

The Indestructibles (Canadian Premiere) SEPTEMBER 3

The Indestructibles tells the stories of people who survive near-death experiences against impossible odds, such as a parachute failure or an airplane crash. This 10-part series demonstrates how people have escaped death using original footage, computer modeling and dramatic re-enactments.

Mad Scientists (Canadian Premiere) WINTER 2024

Host John Bowler meets backyard inventors and scientists who have interesting or crazy ideas that might just change the world.

New seasons of popular National Geographic Channel series include: Known Universe, Big, Bigger, Biggest, Banged Up Abroad, Megastructures, and Dog Whisperer.

Showcase Diva

XIII (Network Premiere) AUGUST 29

Based on the popular graphic novel of the same name, XIII is an action-packed, intriguing series following a skilled and lethal secret agent XIII (Stuart Townsend) as he desperately searches for his true identity. The closer he gets to uncovering the riddle of his past life, the more complex and deadly his mission becomes.

Endgame (Network Premiere) AUGUST 30

Endgame stars Shawn Doyle (Big Love, Lost), as the former World Chess Champion Arkady Balagan. After witnessing the murder of his fiancée, Balagan develops a debilitating case of agoraphobia. Unable to leave his hotel and running out of money, the arrogant and charismatic Russian inadvertently becomes a detective by using his fierce analytical skills to solve the crimes that baffle others.

King (Network Premiere) AUGUST 31

King stars Amy Price-Francis as Jessica King, the newly appointed lead investigator of Toronto's Major Crimes Task Force. When police detectives are stumped, King is called in to take over the investigation. Fiercely intelligent, she's survived eight years in Homicide, two marriages and multiple stab wounds. As an investigator, King is a lateral, imaginative thinker whose unique eye for detail turns cases around, and she has a rare quality: King doesn't need to be liked.

NCIS: LA (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 5
NCIS: LA follows the high-stakes world of undercover surveillance at the Office of Special Projects (OSP), a division of NCIS that is charged with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals that pose a threat to the nation's security. By assuming false identities and utilizing the most advanced technology, this team of highly-trained agents goes deep undercover, putting their lives on the line in the field to bring down their targets.

Combat Hospital (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 9

Combat Hospital is set in 2024 when Canadians played a pivotal role overseeing the medical and military personnel at the NATO Multinational Medical Unit at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. This highly-charged series follows the frantic lives of the hospital's resident doctors and nurses as they navigate their way through the relentless life-and-death battles on the operating table. Global's latest original drama makes its series premiere Tuesday, June 21 - 10pm ET/PT in simulcast with ABC. Combat Hospital is a joint production of Canada's Sienna Films and the UK's Artists Studio, and is currently filming in Toronto

Cable premieres of blockbuster movies on Showcase Diva include: Paper Heart, Dear John, Up In The Air and Fame.

New episodes of Showcase Diva returning favourites include: Rookie Blue and Haven.


Pretty Hurts (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 5

Meet Rand Rusher, the surprisingly relatable injectionist to the starlets, Hollywood wives and wannabes of Beverly Hills. With his handsome "tell me anything" charm he is part therapist, part gay best friend and part miracle-worker. Pretty Hurts is an insider OMFG view into the ridiculous, painful and ugly truth behind maintaining beauty in Hollywood. Once you experience the extreme stop-at-nothing obsession with youth that has become a standard in Beverly Hills, you'll never look at 'pretty' the same way again.

Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back (World Premiere) SEPTEMBER 7

This reality series follows a group of extremely overweight teens at a progressive weight-loss school in North Carolina as they battle to lose weight. It's a total lifestyle change as the students reside on campus at Wellspring Academy and follow a grueling plan while maintaining their academics. For some, it's a last resort and failure is not an option. Watch the tears, struggles and triumphs as they fight to shed the excess pounds and take back their lives.

The Talk (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 5
Inspired by a mothers' group Sara Gilbert went to after she had her baby, The Talk is a group of moms who get together to talk family issues, current events, celebrity gossip and personal stories.

Pregnant In Heels (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 5

Rosie Pope has managed to create a thriving business as the owner/designer of Rosie Pope Maternity, an ultra high-end maternity brand for the most sophisticated and urban mothers-to-be. Rosie is a tough talking, straight shooting coach for the most privileged expecting mothers of Manhattan. Rosie advises her clients on everything from planning baby showers and hiring staff, to decorating nurseries and organizing Brazilian waxing for the labour room in this outrageous docu-series.

Four Of A Kind (Network Premiere) SEPTEMBER 6
This family reality series follows a set of identical quadruplet sisters - one of only 63 sets of identical quads in the world - as they juggle their senior year of high school. The vivacious 18-year-old sisters Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah Durst tackle the everyday trials, tribulations and emotions of being middle-American teenagers during one of the most pivotal times in their lives.

New seasons premiering on Twist TV include: Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum.

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