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    From time-to-time we conduct key market research studies, such as salary surveys and benchmark studies, and publish the results online. The survey results are always among our most popular editorial content. By being a sponsor, you get premium positioning for your brand, and are seen to be supporting your industry through important and ground-breaking research.
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    You may often have specific questions that relate to your target market, including: What are customers’ business and technical requirements? What are their purchase intentions over the next 12 months? What do they look for in a supplier or product when making a purchase decision? How do they view your brand? We conduct custom proprietary research projects for our clients to address these important issues. Learn More»


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    Capture buyers’ attention with a video product demonstration. Viewers are over five times more engaged with video than with other content. And customers would rather watch a 4-minute video product demonstration than read three or four Web pages, according to a recent study.

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    Run a banner campaign across our network of 23 business-to-business websites and reach the over 620,000 business decision-makers who visit there monthly;


    Send an email message to over 108,000 business readers who subscribe to our e-newsletters.

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