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  • Benefits of an E-newsletter

    • Create and maintain key relationships
    • Generate feedback from customer base
    • Tracked to show behavior patterns
    • Solid lead generation tool
    • Consistently keep you in front of customers
    • Co-brand with our magazine to gain third-party credibility

    Our Work
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    To really connect with business customers, your e-newsletter should contain news and information of critical importance to them. We offer e-newsletter content creation and distribution services.

    e-newsletters can be a vital part of your integrated marketing mix. e-newsletters can be the bridge between you and your customers, consistently keeping you in front of customers and driving traffic to your website.

    Reach 108,000 Business Customers

    We offer emails of 108,000 business executives and buyers from across 21 industries. Select from high-growth markets such as manufacturing, transportation, architecture, construction, food, packaging, industrial machinery, services and more. Send your e-newsletter to key prospects and generate new business. Learn More»

    Website Design

    We also offer website design and content creation, so that your e-newsletter can link back to fresh news and information on your website.Learn More»

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    To find out more about these services,
    contact Sandra Horton or Tel: 416-510-5218.

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    Capture buyers’ attention with a video product demonstration. Viewers are over five times more engaged with video than with other content. And customers would rather watch a 4-minute video product demonstration than read three or four Web pages, according to a recent study.

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    Run a banner campaign across our network of 23 business-to-business websites and reach the over 620,000 business decision-makers who visit there monthly;


    Send an email message to over 108,000 business readers who subscribe to our e-newsletters.

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