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Ontario Parents Pull Children Out of School to Protest WiFi

NEWMARKET, ON, Nov. 23, 2021 /CNW/ - Parents in York Region will remove their children from school today and picket their School Board, to protest against exposure to radiation from Wifi.

"This is proven to be harmful to children," said organizer Lynnette Haralampopolous. "It is wrong to force mandatory exposure to microwave radiation on children."

Radiation from WiFi and other wireless devices is a "possible carcinogen" according to the World Health Organization. In May the W.H.O. placed microwaves on the same cancer watch-list as DDT, lead, and car exhaust.

Some Canadian private schools and one public school Board have removed WiFi, but York Region and some other Boards continue to use it.

Parents will picket the York Region School Board offices from 10 am to 2pm today.

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For further information please contact:

Lynnette Haralampopolous
Cell: 905-868-7010
(Pronounce: HARA-lam-POPPA-luss)

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