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Canada-Italy Doc Coproductions Receive Funding

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  • The Canada Media Fund (CMF) and the Italian Directorate General for Cinema of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism (DGC – MiBACT) have announced today a financing package of CAD $200,000 for six coproductions under the Canada-Italy Codevelopment Incentive for Documentary Projects. Both organizations have each contributed an equal share in the total funding. 

    Six Canadian production companies will work with six Italian companies in the development of the following documentary projects financed through this incentive.

    Project Production companies CMF Funding (CDN) DGC –
    Funding (APPROX.
    CDN equiv.)
    A Life Beyond Earth Canada: Foundry Films Inc.
    Italy: Matrioska SRL
    $5,000 CDN $9,310 CDN
    Forestieri – Macaroni mon voisin Canada: Films du Rapide-Blanc Inc.
    Italy: Dream Film SRL – Ila Palma
    $11,000 CDN $23,940 CDN
    In the Name of Gerry Conlon Canada: Gearshift Films Inc.
    Italy: Nightswim SRL
    $12,500 CDN $23,940 CDN
    Striking an Unlikely Chord Canada: Tell Tale Productions Inc.
    Italy: GA&A Productions SRL
    $30,400 CDN $10,640 CDN
    The Philosopher Gastronaut Canada: Animoralda Media Inc.
    Italy: FilmWorks SRL
    $33,600 CDN $7,980 CDN
    The Revolving Door Canada: Mercury Fund GP Inc.
    Italy: Moliwood Films SRL
    $7,500 CDN $23,940 CDN
    TOTALS   $100,000 CDN 99,750 CDN (approx.)