Miranda Launches Xmedia Suite For Automated Newsroom Graphics

September 5, 2021

by -- Miranda Technologies

Miranda Technologies has announced that it has launched a range of workflow tools for automated newsroom graphics, called Xmedia Suite. The applications simplify the process of acquiring, managing, and delivering data-driven graphics, and they are ideal for all types of news programs, including special events such as elections.

Xmedia Suite applications can be embedded in third party systems, including broadcast automation systems from vendors such as Omnibus, and newsroom systems such as AP ENPS and Avid iNews. This allows journalists to update news stories and create corresponding graphics based on templates, using a single interface on one workstation. Journalists can edit content in pre-built templates without having to learn multiple new applications. The result of this tight integration between the newsroom system, the broadcast automation system, and the graphics automation system is increased productivity.

The Xmedia Suite offers powerful tools for automating the acquisition of live data from virtually any source. Standard news feeds, such as AP, Reuters and SportsTicker, as well as web data and other sources of real-time information, can all be automatically linked to Xmedia Suite graphics templates. Multiple data sources can be handled simultaneously to provide full flexibility with on-air presentation. Since the data acquisition process is fully automated, graphics can be generated from live data and sent to air with no additional intervention by newsroom personnel.

The Xmedia Suite can enable broadcasters to simultaneously control newsroom graphics across multiple television delivery platforms. Live information is accessed once, mapped to the appropriate templates, and then sent to the delivery channels, without burdening the production process. An advanced MOS interface allows the Xmedia Suite to seamlessly integrate with existing newsroom graphics systems and provide dynamic updates of late breaking content without operator intervention.

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