CFTF-TV Purchases FOR-A Switcher for News Production

June 19, 2021

by -- FOR-A Canada

Tele Inter-Rives Ltd., a broadcaster in Northern Quebec, recently purchased FOR-A’s HANABI HVS-3800S 2 M/E HD production switcher for its live news broadcasts from station CFTF-TV in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. The broadcasters’ new HVS-3800S is an upgrade of its existing HANABI HVS-3000S SD switcher at sister stations CIMT and CKRT-TV, also in Riviere-du-Loup. The HVS-3800S can be easily upgraded to handle all HD formats. Sono Video in Quebec City was the dealer on the sale.

“Our intent with this equipment selection was to make our news as similar as possible to the network national news coverage. And because the switcher is used for live production, two M/E switchers with at least three key layers per M/E was critical for us,” said Germain Gélinas, Technical Director, Tele Inter-Rives.

Riviere-du-Loup is approximately 200 KM east of Quebec City -- about a two-hour drive. With such a remote location, Tele Inter-Rives was looking for a stable and well built switcher and one with a strong internal DVE, which led them directly to the HANABI HVS-3800S. The HVS-3800S features the first polygon-based DVE available in North America. Up to two 3D DVE cards can be installed on the HVS-3800S. One card can support two channels when working in the SD mode and one channel HD when the switcher is upgraded to full HD capability. Two cards provide up to two channels in HD and four channels in SD. A DVE channel can be assigned to any M/E or key layer.

Before making the final decision, Gélinas looked extensively at competitive switchers. On one of the other switchers, the DVE was incapable of providing at least two boxes in the picture and the “pizza box” feature. Another was much too large and expensive for what was required.

“When SonoVideo’s Carl St.-Gelais came back from NAB last year, he told me about a new product that was exactly what we were looking for,” Gélinas said. “St.-Gelais made all the arrangements with FOR-A to have a unit operational in his office. He studied the switcher’s operations with the help of FOR-A representatives and held a demo for us.”

After seeing the demo, Gélinas was convinced that this was the right switcher for Tele Inter-Rives. Gélinas said he was attracted to the HVS-3800S because of its feature set and FOR-A’s exceptional training and technical support.

Tele Inter-Rives’ previous acquisition of FOR-A’s HVS-3000S last year replaced a switcher that had been in operation since the early 1980s. The HVS-3000S was installed in CIMT/CKRT’s production room and is used primarily for daily local news and public affair programs.

Tele Inter-Rives owns and operates four main television stations and 39 low- and medium-power rebroadcast stations covering the Eastern part of the Saint-Lawrence River from Montmagny, near Quebec City, down to Gaspé and Sept-Îles, in Quebec. Tele Inter-Rives operates the following stations in one of the smallest television markets in Canada where its audience is 99.9% French speaking: CIMT-TV Rivière-du-Loup P.Q. affiliated with the TVA French television network; CHAU-TV Carleton P.Q. affiliated with the TVA French television network and operated from our main server located in Rivière-du-Loup; CKRT-TV Rivière-du-Loup, P.Q. affiliated with the CBC Public French television network; and CFTF-TV Riviere-du-Loup P.Q. affiliated with the TQS French television network.

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