Neutrik Introduces the EMC-XLR Cable Connector

May 23, 2021

by -- SF Marketing

Neutrik, designers and manufacturers of the “XX” series XLR cable connector, continues to offer innovations in state-of-the-art audio connectivity with the recent introduction of its new EMC-XLR Cable Connector created for EMI protection.

“The EMC-XLR is the answer for a noise-safe audio signal connection,” said James Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “The connections contribute to an impressive decrease of audio noise caused by RF interference.”

EMC-XLR is comprised of three-pole male/female XLR cable connectors with integrated LC-filters, which avoid the RD interference and LF noise. There is also a 360-degree shield contact on the female connector that ensures the best possible shielding and chassis contact.

This efficient connector can solve a variety of problems such as ground loops, RF interference, Pin 1 problems and more. They are perfect for live and on-stage applications – where it is RF sensitive – as well as mission critical installations, such as recording studios. Due to the provided protection, Neutrik’s new connectors are ideal for use in radio stations and lighting installations, where there is RF interference.

The EMC-XLR Cable Connector is available through SF Marketing Inc.

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