Genelec Introduces the New 8200 and 7200 DSP Series Monitors

May 17, 2006

by -- SF Marketing

Built on the solid foundation of the 8000 MDE™ and 7000 LSE™ series products, Genelec introduces the new 8200 and 7200 DSP series monitors. They are a measure of Genelec’s continued commitment to customers who rely on the purity of sound reproduction. With the new GLM™ and AutoCal™ DSP technologies, Genelec has made the new DSP products powerful and easy to use, with the innate ability to adapt to your environment. They’ve done so uncompromisingly, accurately and quickly.

As the logical extension of the path breaking 8000 series active monitors, Genelec has utilized sophisticated digital signal processing in the new 8200 bi-amp monitors and 7200 subwoofers to achieve the next level of resolution in accurate reference monitoring.

The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager software package provides all necessary connectivity for a comprehensive computer-to-8200/7200 series DSP monitor interface.

GLMTM includes:

• Control of 30 loudspeakers on standard CAT5 cabling
• Eight section EQ
• Level, Distance and Vertical Axis settings
• Compensation audio delay for digital video
• Custom User Setups
• Channel/Speaker Groups
• Solos and Mutes

Genelec’s automated calibration software, AutoCal™, combines decades of acoustic research along with their proprietary DSP and GLM™ network control. AutoCal will properly align and integrate each and every 8200 and 7200 speaker into any acoustic environment with exceptional precision. It’s like having a Genelec acoustical product specialist on hand any time you wish – and more.

The new Genelec 8200 and 7200 DSP Monitor Series are slated for availability through SF Marketing Inc. in June 2006.

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