Helical Antenna from Professional Wireless Systems Now Available

February 23, 2021

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SF Marketing is pleased to announce the formation of an alliance between Shure and Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) involving the distribution of the PWS Helical Antenna (Shure Model HA-8089)

The HA-8089 provides unparalleled dropout-free radio frequency (RF) performance for in-ear monitoring and wireless microphone systems. This new addition complements Shure’s line of high-quality wireless microphone systems and personal monitors.

The HA-8089 helical antenna delivers more than double the rage of other antennas. In addition to 14 dBi of forward gain, it delivers dropout-free RF performance due to its multiple polarization characteristics. The helical antenna is particularly useful as an In Ear Monitor transmitter antenna. Because the receiver pack being worn by the artist will most likely include a 1/4 wave whip antenna, it will cover only one polarization. As the RF energy from the In Ear Monitor transmitter radiates out of the helical, it is continuously spun through 360° of polarization, millions of times per foot. The result is crystal clear, drop out free audio at the artists' ears. When used as a wireless microphone receiver antenna, a performer singing into a wireless microphone transmitter will enjoy enhanced performance due to the maximum transfer of RF energy.

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