FOR-A Introduces VPS-700 GINGA Digital Switcher

February 23, 2021

by -- FOR-A Canada

FOR-A Corporation of America, a leading manufacturer of video and audio systems for the broadcast and professional video industries, introduced the next generation of its VPS series of switchers, the VPS-700 GINGA, at NAB 2021.

“Ginga” means “galaxy” in Japanese, and the VPS-700 represents a universe of options for users, including 2D DVE for every input, up to 16 SD inputs and outputs, six keyers, and six channels of 3D DVE.

The VPS-700 offers optional 2D DVE in every input, delivering up to 32 DVE channels and total flexibility for multi-source productions. It supports the 525/60 and 625/50 standard definition formats and is ideally suited for mobile production and in-studio broadcasting applications. It features eight standard inputs, each of which has a frame synchronizer and still store feature using the F/S freeze and eight standard outputs, which can be increased by increments of four to up to 16 primary inputs, 16 outputs and six key layers (four keyers and two DSK).

“In terms of the history of switchers, the VPS-700 GINGA is the ‘Big Bang,’ says Hiro Tanoue, Sales Manager/Eastern Region and Central/South America, FOR-A. “With the VPS-700’s independent 2D DVE on every input plus the combiner function to mix the multi-DVE window images and additional six 3D DVE channels, your production limit is your imagination.”

The VPS-700 comes with a total of six key layers, four M/E keyers for linear, luminance, chroma (optional) with edge/shadow generation and key mask functions, and two downstream serial keyers (DSKs).

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