Fox Electronics Introduces the QoIP

November 29, 2021

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Fox Electronics, Inc. announces the launch of the QoIP (Cue over Internet Protocol). QoIP is the most cost effective point-to-point/ point-to-multipoint system to transport both six DTMF and six relay/GPI commands over IP. Relay/GPI commands can be tied to DTMF or can be transmitted separately, providing up to twelve independent switches for equipment at one or more remote sites. Multiple QoIP transmitters and receivers can be interconnected for applications requiring the transport of more than twelve switching commands or for transport to multiple sites.

The QoIP configures automatically once connected to the network. Special system application software and updates are downloadable from our website. Features include:

Transmits refresh packets every second
Automatic reboot and refresh on loss of IP link
Time stamp

Fox Electronics distributes products for more than seventy manufacturers of cable television, broadcast, and audio/video equipment and systems and manufactures products including local commercial insertion system test equipment, GPI-100 relay transport over IP, relay transport over audio, video AGC, and VBI line deletion.

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