Alliance Atlantis Turns to Chyron's Duet Hyperx HD/SD

November 29, 2021

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Alliance Atlantis Communications, Inc., a specialty broadcaster in the Canadian market and a distributor of major productions worldwide, has purchased a Chyron Duet® HyperX® HD/SD system to provide their productions with real-time character generation and animation. Duet HyperX HD/SD is the flagship product in Chyron’s Duet Family of character generators, featuring HD/SD-switchable channels and powerful 3D creation and animation capabilities.

“Alliance Atlantis works with many special cable-type channels in Canada akin to stateside channels such as TBS and HBO,” says Shawn Kelly, Director of Studio Operations for Alliance Atlantis. “We were looking for a way to streamline our character generation capabilities for channels, including HGTV and Food Network Canada, and, after considerable research, the new HyperX was the hands-down choice. This system is software switchable between HD and SD, and works in real time, a capacity other systems claim, but we found, don’t deliver. We are extremely happy with the HyperX.”

Breakthrough engineering, coupled with Chyron’s award-winning Lyric® CG and graphics application make the high-performance Duet HyperX the definitive choice for the most demanding studio and mobile live broadcast and production operations. Duet HyperX HD/SD features up to two software-switchable HD/SD channels, one or both of which may integrate a compressed HD/SD clip player. This dual-channel capability is of particular interest to Alliance Atlantis.

“We have a game show for Home and Garden called Design to Win, says Kelly. “The dual-channel feature of the HyperX really helps us with this show. Essentially, we are displaying the questions just like you would in Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, where Channel 1 displays the question for the contestant and Channel 2 displays the question and the answer for the host. For the first time with this production, the host didn’t need cards in his hands. Also, the HyperX allows us to call up, say page 1000, and page 1001 together with the answers on it for the host. This means that we can speed through the show quickly and with high confidence.”

According to Kelly, Alliance Atlantis has also purchased Lyric CG, the offline software package for Duet systems, which has streamlined the production process by enabling graphic creation on a PC for playout on the Duet HyperX HD/SD.

“Lyric CG has allowed us to build our question pages for that game show way in advance,” Kelly states. “We have approximately 4,000 questions and Lyric CG has allowed us to build all those pages off line while we were doing the show on line. We are able to send graphics back and forth quite easily. We are very happy with the HyperX and happy with Chyron and the level of support that they give us. The next move for us is to go into HD production and broadcast and, with the HyperX, we are ready to roll.”

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