Toronto Radio Stations Now Tracked by Media Monitors

October 13, 2021

by -- Radio Computing Services

Media Monitors, LLC has expanded its radio monitoring service in Canada to provide its audio recognition technology to broadcasters and media watchers in the Toronto Metropolitan area. Media Monitors offers customers online capabilities to verify commercials and songs aired on the city's radio stations, providing its service for local broadcasters and broadcast representatives, print outlets, ad agencies, media researchers and media analysts.

Because clients can track commercials aired on the major Toronto stations with same day data availability, decisions can be made very rapidly with highly current information.

High-tech strength vastly improves industry shortcomings
Using the online service from Media Monitors via its website, customers will be able to track what has been aired on Toronto radio stations and analyze the campaigns of any radio advertiser. “The immediacy and detail of the service is quite impressive.”, said Ross Langbell, General Manager of the Canadian office of Media Monitors. “Online reports detail which product categories dominate in the marketplace, by station, by day, right down to the minute. This is a powerful research resource for anyone interested in broadcast advertising.”

Historically, techniques for tracking radio airplay included manual logging, tape recording of sample days, or adding inaudible watermarks to specific spots for tracking of individual commercials. Results would be extrapolated and averaged to create rough approximations of the radio spot landscape. By contrast, Media Monitors offers a passive monitoring technique called audio fingerprinting where no 3rd party input is required. Each new commercial aired is researched and logged into Media Monitors computers. As commercials repeat, human involvement is reduced to virtually zero.

“We have fulfilled our goal to monitor Canadian radio before year’s end, beginning in Canada’s largest city”, remarks Philippe Generali, president of Media Monitors in New York. "Now the results of spots and songs played on Toronto radio can be tracked and compared by all interested parties. We are glad to introduce this new layer of accountability which will help verify airplay of Canadian radio spots while greatly reducing the tedium and cost previously associated with commercial tracking."

The Canadian office of Media Monitors situated in Vancouver, B.C., is a division of Media Monitors, LLC headquartered in New York. Media Monitors currently provides broadcast monitoring and automated audio identification service in 50 US markets.

Media Monitors is the nation's leading broadcast monitoring and verification service for broadcasters, print media, media investment companies and advertising agencies. Media Monitors Canada is a division of Media Monitors, LLC, a subsidiary of RCS, Inc., the world's leading provider of broadcast and webcast software. The process is protected by U.S. Patent 5,437,050. Media Monitors is a service mark of Media Monitors, LLC. For more info visit

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